4 Benefits of Yahoo Finance Data for Your Business

Saheed Opeyemi
December 18, 2020

Growing up, I observed my dad (an accountant) read the newspaper every day like he was looking out for some particular piece of information. One day, I mustered the courage to ask him what it was all about, and he said something about the finance world, stocks, and the market. At that time, I didn’t fully comprehend what he meant, but now I do. He was keeping current on what, in today’s world, is commonly referred to as Finance Data. Stockbrokers and other financial professionals know their success depends on staying on top of every update that appears in the market–it comes with the job. There are several financial data sources like Google Finance, Yahoo! Finance, Wall Street Journal, Investopedia, etc. This article will focus on how you can use Yahoo Finance data, what you can do with it, and the best way to collect vital data easily.  

The stock market is a large database that requires consistent updates due to the steady alterations it undergoes. Therefore, you must constantly remain informed of every significant move being made in the market so you don’t lose your investment. Monitoring Yahoo Finance market data is one of the easiest ways to do this. However, a first dive into the world of financial data (as represented by Yahoo Finance data) will reveal the need for a specialized data collection solution to be able to efficiently parse this data in large volumes. Web scraping is this solution.

By utilizing web scraping, you can extract all the data you need when you need it. As an investor, stockbroker, financial adviser, risk analyst, etc., you must keep constant watch of trends in the market so you don’t lose your stake or those of your clients. Now, if you’ve been in the finance world for a while, you already know how liberating it is to import Yahoo Finance data into excel. It means you don’t have to go from one web page to another, loading each page’s contents, wasting your time. Why should you be in too many places at a time when you can get all the information you need in one place and even get more precise results? In reality, you save time and money by applying web content extraction techniques.

If you are well-versed with finance data and need to know how to use web scraping to get accurate and fast results, then you can use the table of contents to skip forward.

Table of Contents


What Is Yahoo Finance Data?

Data Yahoo Finance

Yahoo! is a large network covering many areas, including financial information, also known as Yahoo Finance. With over 236M website visits, Yahoo Finance serves as a source of information for news like all types of financial data, updates, stock quotes, portfolio management resources, and more. The stock market is extremely volatile and broad, so one wrong move resulting from missing relevant news can lead to immense catastrophe. So you’ve got your work cut out for you.

Despite the challenges of the stock market, careful market watching is pertinent to every nation’s economic development. It provides startup companies the opportunity to gain capital from the populace in the long run. Ultimately, it strengthens the economy of the country by paving the way for employment and generating income. Some of the most important data fields investors need to stay up-to-date with include:

  • Open price and date
  • Close price and date
  • Previous close
  • Market cap
  • Share volume
  • Annualized dividend
  • Dividend payment date
  • Ex-dividend date
  • Beta 
  • Best bid/ask
  • Earnings per share [EPS]
  • P/E Ratio
  • Forward P/E [1y]
  • 52 week high/low
  • 1-year target
  • Current yield 

You can easily get access to and monitor all these data fields with the Yahoo Finance platform.

How to make money with financial data

The two most common ways of making money in the stock market are:

  1. Selling a stock at a higher rate than you bought it
  2. Profit by earning frequent dividends from some particular stocks.

However, you can’t make profits from the stock market if you don’t keep track of the price changes and regularly conduct financial data analysis. That is the only way to assure the security of your investments. You’re at risk of losing your entire business if you don’t stay up-to-date, and to stay up-to-date, you need data. The complications of monitoring finance data are avoidable, and all you have to do is apply one easy method, which is web scraping. Read further to find out how to go about it.

Web Scraping and Yahoo Finance Currency Historical Data

Data Yahoo Finance


What exactly is web scraping? Think about the amount of time you’ve spent opening web page after web page, poring over records from financial firms, reading newspaper reports on the stock market, all to keep abreast of the happenings in the financial world. Now, imagine you could get a tool that will collect all the data you spent days, weeks, maybe months on in a few hours or minutes. Well, you can. That tool is called web scraping.

Web scraping uses bots called “crawlers” or “spiders” to crawl through the source code of a given web page and extract data according to some previously set parameters. These bots usually use technologies like APIs and multiple proxies to enable real-time and unlimited scraping of data from the internet.

With web scraping, you can easily collect all the financial data you need to develop a long-term financial plan for your business or manage your investments at the click of a button. You can directly import Yahoo Finance data into Excel with web scraping. Even better, you can set scraping parameters to exclude some particular sets of data while collecting others. All the data scraped is delivered to you in an organized format in a CSV file.

If you’re familiar with web scraping, you’re probably thinking about running a Yahoo Finance historical data API to scrape. It’s not a bad idea, but there is a more convenient and suitable method tailored more specifically to extracting finance data. But we’ll get to that later. First, let’s look at the benefits of scraping Yahoo Finance data.

Benefits of Yahoo Finance Market Data

Data Yahoo Finance

Financial advisers, investors, financial news operators, risk analysis firms, and several other occupations all rely (and whose livelihood depends) on financial data. These services need finance data because it offers a variety of advantages that are beneficial. Without financial data, it would be impossible for the financial world to thrive because it functions as the economic compass showing you profitable directions. However, as a business owner, you can also use financial data to predict industry trends, develop financial strategies, etc. Here are some other benefits of finance data:

  1. Forecasting: Web scraping is typically an excellent method for staying abreast with trends in business. Web scraping makes forecasting easier by providing your analysts with the appropriate data to predict profitable market moves. 
  2. Accuracy: Scraping financial data from Yahoo Finance helps you improve the accuracy of your predictions and create better financial strategies, short-term and long-term. 
  3. Security: You are less susceptible to fraud when you continually update your knowledge of the financial world with stock data. Scraping tools also provide Yahoo finance currency historical data.
  4. Allows you to create new revenue streams: Scraping Yahoo Finance data can help you identify new revenue sources by highlighting new opportunities in the market that are not yet saturated.

After seeing all the great possibilities financial data can offer, you probably want to know where to find it. You can get stock data easily from Yahoo Finance with web scraping. Perhaps the thought of extracting big data is overwhelming; you can learn how to go about it first. Delve deeper to see how you can get all the bulk finance data in one click.

Get Stock Data From Yahoo Finance With Scraping Robot

Yahoo Finance data

Remember the convenient and efficient method for extracting finance data I mentioned earlier? It’s called Scraping Robot. To collect the exact financial data set you need, when you need it, a custom scraping solution tailored for your business is the best option. And that is what we offer you at Scraping Robot. Our developers are always on standby to build that scraping solution that perfectly solves your data needs. To get started, just send us a message. We take on the job of building the scraper and managing proxies, allowing you to focus on putting the data collected to the best use possible.

Our web scraping service uses APIs to enable you to automate your web scraping process and collect data in real-time. We also use multiple proxies, allowing you to send an unlimited number of scraping requests simultaneously.

Final Thoughts

Be you a business owner, stockbroker, investor, risk analyst, or Wall Street trader, Yahoo Finance data is a collection of data that can give you a most appreciable edge in the financial world. And if you can collect the data at a large scale and in real-time, even better. That is what we at Scraping Robot are hoping to help you achieve. So send us a message right now, and let’s get started.

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