How Web Scraping Reddit Can Benefit You

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July 26, 2022

Social media sites are a goldmine of information for businesses and individuals. However, some sites are easier to study than others. Reddit is one of the most accessible and valuable sites for researchers. Web scraping Reddit is an excellent way to gather a wide variety of data without the difficulties posed by other social media sites.

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If you haven’t built a Reddit web scraper before, don’t worry. Learning how to collect data from Reddit is easier than you’d think. Keep reading to learn why Reddit web scraping is worthwhile, how to use the information you collect, and how to web scrape Reddit the right way.

Why You Should Start Web Scraping Reddit

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Reddit is one of the most diverse social media websites online. According to the company’s own statistics, it has 430 million active monthly users and 52 million daily users. While that’s not as large as other social media behemoths, it more than makes up for that with its flexibility and varied user base.

Unlike other social media sites, Reddit allows people to create subreddits, small community pages dedicated to specific subjects. Each subreddit contains threads, individual posts submitted by users that can include pictures, videos, and GIFs. Within a thread, other users can respond to the poster and have conversations. On the subreddit’s home page, threads can be sorted based on popularity, upvotes, number of responses, or recency. Subreddits can also be searched to find old posts, and search results can be sorted similarly.

This makes Reddit one of the most flexible and user-friendly social media sites online. Anyone can create a subreddit for any topic. There’s no need to use hashtags or tag people to join a conversation, and users are anonymous. This makes people more willing and able to form communities about their interests and preferences. The result is that Reddit hosts tens of thousands of thriving communities dedicated to subjects from weight loss to video games to politics to favorite brands.

That’s why Reddit is a great target for web scraping. The site is overflowing with information on niche subjects. Researchers can scrape Reddit data to learn what people think about different topics, gather tips and tricks on various subjects, or discover trends in public opinion. Reddit is also significantly easier to scrape than other social media sites. There’s no need to guess hashtags or make accounts attached to a real person’s name. It’s easy to collect all available information on a topic without missing valuable conversations due to privacy settings or IP bans.

What You Can Do With Reddit Data

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So, what can the information you scrape from Reddit be used for? Quite a bit. Since Reddit is such an active site, people have plenty of opportunities to use web scraping data for business or personal projects. Some of the most common uses include:

Tracking opinions

Many businesses actively track public opinion about their brands. Understanding what the general public thinks is valuable information that helps companies design better marketing strategies. Web scraping Reddit is one of the best ways to track these opinions and get accurate results.

Tracking opinions about a company on Reddit can be surprisingly easy. The Reddit web scraper can target search results for the business’s name and products, then collect the comments from each thread. The resulting data can then be analyzed to determine whether people have generally positive or negative opinions.

Gathering feedback

Similarly, Reddit web scraping is an excellent way for organizations to gather feedback. The scraping process is similar: Just scrape Reddit for comments and threads about the organization or specific products. The big difference is how the results are analyzed.

You can study the collected comments individually instead of as a whole to discover the most common compliments and complaints users have about your brand’s offerings. You may find unique insights that would never have come up in a customer survey.

Studying competitors

The great thing about Reddit is that you’re not restricted to learning about your own company, either. You can study public opinion about your competitors and their offerings just as easily. When you web scrape data from Reddit, you can learn what people like about the competition and their biggest complaints, giving you the perfect opportunity to capitalize on their weaknesses.

Generating alerts

Companies aren’t the only ones that benefit from a Reddit web scraper. No matter your interests, there’s guaranteed to be a subreddit dedicated to them. More importantly, that subreddit will almost certainly cover breaking news about your interests before anyplace else.

You can set up a web scraper to alert you whenever new threads or comments are posted, including specific keywords. That can help you get concert tickets before they sell out, sign up for limited classes, or just read the latest news update on your favorite game as soon as possible.

Building data sets

Reddit is a treasure trove of information on all kinds of niche subjects. You can start web scraping Reddit to build databases using that information. For instance, a machine learning project could scrape gardening subreddits to collect pictures of plants to train its program on. Meanwhile, someone looking for a new job could scrape job posting subreddits to find listings that may not be posted anywhere else.

Businesses can even web scrape Reddit user data to potentially find new product target markets. Anyone who needs an extensive data set for any kind of project can web scrape data from Reddit to support their research.

How to Web Scrape Reddit With the Python Reddit API Wrapper

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One of the things that makes Reddit so easy to web scrape is the Python Reddit API Wrapper (PRAW). This is a wrapper that makes it easy to connect with Reddit’s API. Using PRAW and a Python-based web scraper, you can ethically scrape Reddit data faster than any other social media site.

PRAW is easy to set up. In your preferred IDE, install and import PRAW:

pip install praw

import praw

Next, you need to create or log into your account on Reddit. Once you have, you can create an app that will let you connect with Reddit’s API. You can do this by visiting the Authorized Applications page on Reddit, scrolling to the bottom, and clicking the button labeled “Are you a developer? Create an app…”

The PRAW documentation walks you through creating an application on Reddit that will allow you to scrape the API. Once the application is set up, you’ll get three essential pieces of information:

  • Personal use script: Use this number as the client_id when setting up PRAW.
  • Secret: Set this as the secret for PRAW authentication.
  • Name: This is the name you’ll set as the user_agent in PRAW.

Once PRAW authentication is complete, scraping Reddit is easy. You can see examples of how to scrape Reddit data like post titles, comments, and more on PRAW’s GitHub page.

You can make your Reddit scraper more effective by adding proxies to your program. If you’re not using the Reddit API to scrape, you risk having your IP address blocked. Reddit, like other sites, often bans suspicious IP addresses, especially ones that act like bots. Proxies are one of the best ways to avoid getting your IP blocked while using web scraping Reddit programs and keep your research on track.

A proxy acts as a shield between your IP address and the internet at large. The site only sees the proxy IP address, not yours. With high-quality proxies from Rayobyte, you can ensure that your research continues forward without getting your IP address blocked.

Simplify Reddit Web Scraping With Scraping Robot

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If you want to know how to web scrape data from Reddit without doing that much work, you’re in luck. You don’t need to build a web scraper Reddit will accept all on your own! In fact, you don’t need to write a Reddit web scraper at all. Instead, you can work with Scraping Robot to collect Reddit data on your behalf.

Scraping Robot is dedicated to making web scraping accessible to all users, regardless of their experience level or project size. That’s why Scraping Robot builds custom scraping solutions and APIs for all project types. By choosing to work with Scraping Robot, you can have a Reddit web scraper built to your exact specifications.

Scraping Robot also makes using the data your scraper collects easy by providing structured JSON output of a parsed website’s metadata. Then, you can feed that information directly into your website or database. You won’t need to worry about IP blocks, CAPTCHAs, or managing proxies. Scraping Robot handles these details on your behalf. In addition, they have a reliable support system and 24/7 customer assistance! As a result, you’ll get the Reddit data you need safely, securely, and accurately.

More importantly, Scraping Robot offers clear, straightforward pricing tiers and no hidden fees. You can easily choose the service tier that fits your project and get the data you need at a price that fits your budget. If you’re unsure how many scrapes you’ll need, just let us know the size of your project, and we’ll help you find the best option for your budget and use case.

Final Words: Start Web Scraping Reddit Today

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If you’re ready to start collecting Reddit data, you can learn more about how to scrape Reddit with Scraping Robot today. Explore Scraping Robot’s simple APIs and custom solutions, or get started by reaching out to discuss your projects today.

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