Car API Data (How To Connect With Big Auto Industry Data)

Hannah Benson
May 17, 2021

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Searching for a new car is overwhelming. With so many features, price ranges, and environmental concerns, it is hard to parse through the myriad of options. Thankfully, there are many Car API websites that make it easy to compare prices, models, features, and more. In order to reap the full benefits of these websites, you must use a web scraping tool. Web scraping is the automatic extraction of data from a web page. Once extracted, the data can be analyzed to generate insights that can help organizations improve their production process, design strategies, and relationship with consumers. Between APIs that focus on new cars, used cars, rental cars, and car parts, there is enough data out there to suit all your organization’s needs for both product research and sales analysis.

If you already know the basics of car sales data, then use the table of contents to read ahead about the benefits and insights from using a web scraping tool with a car API.

What is Car Sales Data?

What is Car Sales Data?

Car sales data is data that relates to selling cars such as

  • Price
  • Financing plans
  • Design features (safety, radio, navigation, etc)
  • Local dealerships
  • Consumer reviews
  • Maintenance
  • Used car reports

Additionally, there is also data relating to car parts, rental cars, and more that can be used alongside car sales data to yield more accurate and valuable insights.

A car API, like the Carfax API and Carvana API, are bits of code that allow your device software to interact with the software of local dealers, service centers, and more. With local, relevant data that can be compared to national or global data, Car APIs make it possible to analyze multiple datasets at once without sacrificing your device’s security. Because car models are frequently updated, it is important to get the most accurate information on model features, maintenance, and more.

How to Collect Big Data and Car Sales Data

How to Collect Big Data and Car Sales Data

Car sales data can be extracted and analyzed manually, yet this takes lots of time, money, and effort. The best strategy is to use a web scraping tool, which extracts data from web pages quickly, securely, and cheaply. For entrepreneurs looking to do research, scraping is an essential tool when you don’t have an entire team. For larger organizations, scraping tools are better at working with large data sets collecting sales data on a national or global scale.

How to scrape car data

The easiest way to scrape car data is to use Scraping Robot’s HTML scraper, which outputs an entire HTML link as data. You can then easily download and share this data with other team members or consultants. Because an HTML scraper can be used on any webpage, it applies to sites for specific car manufactures, used car sites, maintenance sites, car parts sites, rental car sites, and more. Therefore, this is a great all purpose scraping tool for beginners and advanced scrapers alike. For more advanced scrapers, there are other modules built to recognize and organize data from specific websites.

Benefits of Using a Vehicle Data Scraper

Benefits of Using a Vehicle Data Scraper

There are many benefits to using a scraping tool with an automotive APi such as understanding the best prices and payment plans, discovering design features best suited to your needs, and contextualizing all this information with consumer reviews.

Find the best deals

A car is an important, long lasting investment. Whether you’ve been saving for your dream car or are trying to find a used car to suit your needs, price is likely going to be one of the most important factors. In addition to the price tag, it is also important to find your ideal payment plan and insurance policy. Scraping car sales data for prices is especially helpful for those unsure of where to start. By limiting your options by price, the search will feel less daunting and you won’t fall in love with a car you can’t afford. Instead of being restricted to local dealerships, car APIs make it easy to find local sellers and offers that are easy to miss.

When looking for a used car, there are also many websites dedicated to background checks and vehicle manual data that can be scraped using a VIN (Vehicle identification number). It is also possible to trade in old vehicles. Scraping trade offers from different used car APIs ensures you get the most for your money or model.

Understand design features

Each year, car models are updated with new design features from safety features to the aux setup. Depending on your priorities, scraping model features is an easy way to compare and contrast different options so you can meet all your needs. If you have young children, safety features, seat material, size, and maintenance might be more important than the audio system. If you live in a mountainous area or often go off-roading, then finding a vehicle built for your environment or travels is essential. If you’re environmentally conscious, looking for electric vehicles or hybrid vehicles is easier with a scraping tool because you can organize the data more easily once extracted and put into a spreadsheet format. Instead of having to memorize different models and features, scraping makes it easy to compile all this data into one space so that you can easily spot the differences and find the best option.

Scraping model features isn’t only for people looking to buy a car. If you’re looking to rent a car for a specific trip or event, scraping size, storage capacity, and rate help you find the best option for your trip. This is also true for scraping car services such as ride sharing apps, formal event rentals (weddings, parties, etc).

Analyze consumer reviews

While scraping car features and prices can help you find the best options, you should consider consumer reviews before making your final decision. Scraping consumer reviews for car models, repair centers, insurance agents, and more. Using consumer reviews goes beyond simply buying a car, it extends throughout the entire life of your vehicle and any services it needs over time.

In addition to traditional consumer reviews, there are many online forums where car enthusiasts discuss new models, repairs, and maintenance. No matter what comes up, there is likely an online chat or discussion filled with advice from other car owners of your specific model or a model you are looking for. If you’re looking to connect with other traders or sellers, the scraping online forums or car communities is a way to find vintage models, specific repairs/parts, and find buyers if you’re trying to sell a unique or specialty car.

Scraping Robot and Used Car APIs

Scraping Robot and Used Car APIs

Scraping Robot offers scraping tools and custom solutions that can be built to fulfill your organization’s needs. Below are ways to incorporate various car sales APIs into your analysis.

Car rental API

If you’re like me and live in a city, you may need to rent a car from time to time whether for a vacation or moving between apartments. Whatever your needs, finding the best rental deals is easiest with scraping. Extracting data through scraping helps you find rental companies with locations near both your departing and final destination. Depending on how often you use rental services, certain reward programs or subscriptions can offer the best deals. Scraping sites like Hertz, or using travel sites like Kayak are best for discovering which models and sizes will suit your travel needs and be ideal for the location.

Car parts API

While looking for a new car can be fun and exhausting, there are tons of ways to do your own repairs and find replacement parts without having to rely on traditional maintenance centers. Car part APIs make it easy to connect with sellers of unique parts to make your home repairs last. People with sports cars, vintage cars, or other unique models, will find it easier to use a scraping tool than endless online searching. A scraping tool makes it possible to easily compare sellers without manually extracting all the relevant information.

If you’re selling car parts or more unique tools to enhance cars, then connecting online is a great way to find new customers or car enthusiasts. By using a car parts API to sell, you’ll be able to scrape tons of sales data, competitor data, and sentiment data that if you just connect with people you meet in person. Analyzing car related data makes it easier to price the parts you’re selling and connect with local specialty dealers.



Finding a car, new or used, can feel like a Herculean task. Using a car API, whether related to sales, parts, or rentals, grants you access to tons of useful data. A web scraping tool, which extracts data from a web page, helps organize data so that it can be easily analyzed and shared. With this data, you can find the best safety features, price ranges, consumer reports, and more so that your new car meets all your needs. In addition to buying cars, there are many online communities dedicated to specialty parts and repairs. Using a web scraping tool with the variety of APIs related to cars makes it easy to find reliable and accurate data no matter if you’re renting a moving van or buying your first car.

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