4 Benefits of Twitter Sentiment Analysis for Your Business

Hannah Benson
May 8, 2021

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With over 500 million tweets generated daily, Twitter is full of opinions, jokes, mentions, and more from people all over the world. All these tweets can be analyzed as sentiment data which analyze the feelings of the users sending those tweets. Using a web scraping tool, an organization can extract data related to their mentions, tweets about competitors, and more. Once analyzed, your organization will reap benefits such as better understanding your brand, growing your influence, and improving customer experience. All these benefits make it possible to cluster data to conduct Twitter sentiment analysis with the Scraping Robot API.

If you already know the basics of the Twitter API, then you can use the table of contents above to learn more reasons why you should be scraping data from Twitter.

What is the Twitter sentiment analysis API?

The Twitter sentiment analysis API (application programming interface) that enables two softwares to share data with each other securely. For example, when you tweet the software of your phone interacts with the Twitter API to send your tweet which can then be seen by others through their phone’s software.

What is Twitter sentiment analysis?

The Twitter API is perfect for conducting sentiment analysis which is the use of natural language processing and text analysis to understand subjective data such as a tweet about a brand. Your own brand or organization is likely mentioned on Twitter by customers past and present. Extracting these tweets from their source (Twitter) and analyzing the emotions and other subjective content generates valuable insights into how the public or consumers view your brand. Performing this analysis is essential for understanding the feelings of consumers without conducting formal research.

How to Do Twitter Sentiment Analysis

You can manually extract sentiment data from Twitter, but this takes too much time, money, and energy. With web scraping, the automatic extraction of data from a web page, you can collect sentiment data from Twitter quickly, easily, and securely.

With Scraping Robot’s Twitter profile scraper, you input a Twitter profile and receive the person’s name, number of followers and following, and biography. For organizations trying to expand their consumers base, scraping the accounts of existing customers is a great place to start. Additionally, our HTML scraper can be used on Twitter’s trending topics, hashtags, or locations in order to extract more specific Twitter data. Once you’ve web scraped all this data from the Twitter API, it is time for Twitter data sentiment analysis.

Benefits of Twitter Data Sentiment Analysis

Twitter api sentiment analysis free

The sentiment analysis of Twitter data has many organizational benefits such as understanding your brand more deeply, growing your influence, and improving customer service.

Discover brand perception

For brands, social media traction is important. Brands with strong social media strategies create unique approaches to become popular online, especially amongst young people. Twitter is especially useful due to the trending topics and mentions features. With the Twitter API, you can also embed a live feed of your mentions into your website so new customers can see all the great things people are tweeting about your brand.

When you scrape your mentions on Twitter, you’ll extract tweets that directly mention your brand. This data is useful because it helps you discover how people actually feel about your brand. Having honest feedback accessible to you makes it easier to understand your brand’s presence right now and how you would like it to change. With this knowledge, you’ll begin to make better, data-driven decisions about your brand image.

In addition to scraping user profiles and mentions, you can also reach out to prospective customers directly and offer to send samples or promotional materials for free in exchange for feedback. This is especially useful for small businesses without a large marketing or research budget. Not only do you receive feedback and expand your outreach, you also make valuable connections with people along the way. For organizations with a larger marketing budget, social media is full of freelance or non-traditional marketing consultants. Whether they are graphic designers or writers, they can help with an aspect of marketing or provide feedback on specific advertising concepts. Depending on your target audience, engaging with younger professionals outside of traditional marketing firms might expand your reach with a younger audience who has a better understanding of social media marketing.

Grow your influence

Similar to discovering how your brand is perceived, Twitter is a space that allows for lots of brand growth and direct marketing. Social media marketing is often more targeted and therefore effective than traditional advertising. For example, on Twitter you can run targeted ads towards those already likely to buy your products or services, including specific products or promotions that may appeal to them.

Additionally, when you scrape for your brand perception you’ll generate tons of marketing insights. Instead of simply advertising through Twitter, your organization can also use sentiment analysis of Twitter data in order to brainstorm new marketing campaigns that either improve upon the design or appeal to the values of consumers. Going beyond personal brand opinions, scraping trending topics related to social or political issues can help you understand the values of your consumer base.

Advertising through social media is more than just general ads moved online. There are many opportunities on Twitter and other social media sites to work with influencers to raise awareness of a product or brand. For example, fitness influencers are often sponsored or paid by sportswear or athletic gear companies to promote or review products online. Scraping Twitter helps you discover which accounts and influencers are most popular. On the one hand, studying popular accounts can help your organization learn how to use social media more effectively. However, you can also create sponsored content or join forces with influencers whose work is related to your product.

Improve customer service

There are few things more important than providing top tier customer service. Customer service can make or break loyalty to a brand. Scraping Twitter for honest reviews helps you improve your organization through getting consumer feedback. Whether the resulting insights are to improve shipping or the product itself, scraping Twitter mentions is an easy way to analyze which problems are common among customers so that you can solve them in the future.

How to use clustering in twitter sentiment analysis

Clustering in analysis is the separation of like objects into more detailed, similar groups. Once you’ve clustered data sets, your new insights will be more specific than your initial large group. Here are some more tips for clustering your Twitter data sentiment analysis.

An easy way to compare and contrast sentiment analysis data is to scrape data from multiple social networking sites.

Scraping Robot API

The Scraping Robot API allows you to scrape web pages and directly input the data into your analysis program of choice. This also makes it possible to combine data sets from different sources for analysis, therefore creating more in depth analysis. Additionally, you get the expertise of the Scraping Robot team who can help you with development, management, and more while scraping securely. Our API is also fast and secure. If this sounds right for your organization, check out our API page.


conclusion twitter sentiment analysis

Twitter is full of useful data that can be easily extracted for your organization’s benefit. With the help of a web scraping tool, you can extract subjective data from twitter mentions, profiles, trending topics and more as data that can be analyzed. Once you’ve generated insights through analysis, you’ll better understand your brand, grow your online influence, and improve your product. With our Scraping Robot API, it is easy and secure to directly input scraped data into your analysis program of choice. When you properly understand your role in social media sites like Twitter, it becomes easier for your organization to adapt in the future and understand the unique audience Twitter has to offer.

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