Using A Walmart API To Obtain Competitor Product Data

Saheed Opeyemi
March 26, 2021

We live in a fast-paced world where research and analytics are essential to growth. From researching answers to your optimization needs to researching necessary information to improve on your business model, the modern business now finds itself in a position to carry out the necessary research with the aid of tools like search engines. But what about when you want to obtain data that is not indexed on search engines, like product data? Walmart is the largest retailer in the world, and one of the largest eCommerce platforms in the world, according to Yahoo! Finance. A search of their product database for competitor products will tell you a lot about how your competitors are pricing their products and what they making their products from.

Now, the Walmart website has an inbuilt search engine for customers to search for their products rather than scrolling through all the product pages. But as a business owner looking to collate data from hundreds of product pages and feed them into your data strategy to gain an edge over competitors, this search engine is of limited use to you. It would take months to successfully identify all the products you want and collect their data. Therefore you need a data solution that can directly copy data from multiple web pages in a short time and send it directly to your point of need. That is why you need a Walmart API.

If you are an eCommerce business owner, data is crucial, particularly if you want to get data that will help you build better products based on what your competitors have done. In case you already have an understanding of the relationship between the Walmart website and an API, you can use the table of contents to skip forward and read about one of the best Walmart APIs on the market.

Table of Contents

What is Walmart API Data For?

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 Let’s start by defining an API. An Application Programming Interface (is an interface that allows different software to communicate). A good example of API use is the maps function inside a ride-hailing app. The ride-hailing app does not have its own satellite, rather it uses an API to communicate with Google’s mapping service and then renders the maps inside the app. Now, what does this have to do with Walmart?

The Walmart API is a key that allows you access to Walmart’s inventory. Why do you need to access Walmart’s inventory? Well, to see what your competitors are selling. Walmart is one of the largest eCommerce stores online, a close competitor to Amazon. So there is a very high probability that whatever you carry on your eCommerce store is available on Walmart. The product data of competitors can tell you a lot about where to improve your own products and pull a fast one on the competition.

Say you sell baby clothes. This is a niche where you need to know about price competition. Now, when you collect product data from Walmart using a Walmart API, you might notice that with respect to the last time you checked, all your competitors have developed a sudden decrease in price. This could be because there is a new supplier with lower prices. Or it could be because a new method of production has been developed that is cheaper than what you use. You can always have access to product data in real-time to check against.

Or let’s say there is a particular competitor that sells more than everybody else. An analysis of his product’s data as obtained from Walmart through a Walmart product API could show you a component that only he uses in his products that makes them more durable. Collecting product data from Walmart can show you so much about what you need to do to beat the crowd and all you need is an API. So how does the Walmart API key work?

How to Use Walmart API

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The Walmart API uses the inbuilt search engine on the platform to search for products according to your preset keywords. Every product relating to this keyword is then scraped for data like title, description, and price. The API takes this data and then returns it to your analytics software or any other point of need that you couple the API to.

The Walmart API can access all the publicly listed product data points on the Walmart marketplace and extract the data points relevant to your need from it. Also, the Walmart Marketplace API that we provide serves as a Walmart affiliate. Ultimately, using a Walmart API speeds up your competitor product research process and frees up your time, effort, and resources. Trust me, you do not want to manually start copying out product data from hundreds of pages (been there, done that and it is stress personified).

Why? Well, because these are large amounts of data and they will take hours to extract. However, with the Walmart Marketplace API, it is a seamless process that requires a short time frame. The Walmart Product API access key can be gotten and run as many times as possible to get the necessary data for your business research purposes.

Why the Walmart Inventory API Is Important

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 As a business owner, a platform you should make an effort to get data from is the Walmart website. Walmart is no longer simply a brick-and-mortar store, as it has rapidly risen to become a strong contender for Amazon, the leader of the eCommerce space. Walmart has even gone on to offer free same-day delivery offerings for purchases of up to $35 and this is a big move against Amazon.

This means that Walmart’s inventory holds one of the most reliable eCommerce databases on the internet and you should do your best to get access to it. Due to an abundance of APIs on the internet, it can be quite difficult to find the ideal API option for your web scraping needs. However, I have done the research and guarantee that with the Walmart Inventory API from Scraping Robot, you would have all the access you need to the Walmart inventory, to obtain product data about your competitors’ products.

The Walmart inventory has helped many small and medium-sized businesses build a business plan that has helped them achieve sustainability. As a growing business, you need to understand what is evident in the product category you are playing with and you need data to do that. That is what the Walmart API and the Scraping Robot platform makes possible for you.

How to Make Use of Scraping Robot’s Walmart Open API

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The Scraping Robot Walmart module is an excellent way to access the Walmart inventory and extract all the product data you need to get a competitive edge. You get your data fast, correctly, and directly into any software you choose to couple the API with. Our API is compatible with all analytics software. To get started using Scraping Robot’s Walmart module, here are a few different ways to experiment with what you need.

  • You can make all your calls and requests here if you want to try some general requests and experiment. You can choose a module that would work for your request and then you input your data request, which in this case would be the Walmart product API key. The platform then uses the provided information to begin the scraping process.
  • The Scraping Robot platform accesses the Rayobyte proxies for greater security and speed. These two spaces help you obtain the Walmart product data you need at a faster rate. They simultaneously handle your scraping requests, wherein the Rayobyte platform makes available the unused proxies while Scraping Robot handles the web scraping.
  • You also get the 100% guarantee that comes with using the Scraping Robot platform. You are guaranteed 24/7 customer service and the reliability of a partnership to always provide answers to your questions and work with you to get the best results.

ConclusionWhich api should i use for walmart grocery product search

With an understanding of how easy and possible it is to access the Walmart inventory, why then should you spend hours sitting before your computer screen trying to manually access the data that your business needs to grow? Regardless of the Walmart product category you are interested in, the Walmart API is the tool you need.

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