4 Ways To Identify Trends In Business With Web Scraping

Hannah Benson
December 3, 2020

In such an unstable world, it can be hard to prepare for the future. The disappointment of my canceled college graduation this past spring taught me that even the most predictable, set-in-stone events are not truly guaranteed. When seemingly solid plans fall through, it can lead to anxiety and even grief. While I don’t recommend trying to predict the future, you can still be smart and try to anticipate where things are headed based on past events. These predictions are never 100% accurate, but they can help calm your nerves and imagine a path forward.

As we all struggle with the personal uncertainty of what the future holds, businesses must also try to understand where a market is headed to the best of their abilities. By better understanding trends in business, you can make decisions for the future without feeling as though you are heading into an unknown void. Thankfully, there is more data in the world than ever before. This data is crucial to identifying patterns within an industry to give you a glimpse of the future. While so much data may seem overwhelming, web scraping tools can help you analyze data quickly, helping you see changes coming before competitors and allowing you to make choices with confidence.

If you already know the basics of business trends, use the table of contents to jump ahead and discover how web scraping can help you anticipate the future.

Table of Contents

global business trends

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a business trend is a general change in the way business is developing. Kinda vague? I know. More specifically, trends definition in business is a pattern of gradual change in the process, output, or condition of a specific industry. For example, new technology might drastically cut production time, therefore causing a business trend with regard to the process. Top business trends that create growth in addition to technology are increases in big data, advancing AI, national shifts in economic growth, and advances in energy.

top business trends

With the myriad of trends, it is hard to know which to focus on. Obviously, the industry you are in will dictate that, but here are some top trends in global business to focus on.

Environmental trends

As the threat of climate change looms large over society, it is important you recognize environmental trends in business to ensure you are reducing your carbon footprint to the best of your ability. We are at a point where sustainability is becoming a competitive advantage. If you work in the world of household products, many companies are trending towards plant-based cleaning solutions that are better for the planet and personal health. With renewable energy sources becoming less expensive than fossil fuels, there is an incentive to reduce your company’s carbon footprint like never before. Other than helping out the planet, many public companies are now required to meet a certain legal requirement depending on local and national laws. By investing in renewable energy and complying with local laws, you can feel better about your business’s environmental impact. As younger people experience climate anxiety at high levels, adopting a carbon-neutral business model can help you attract younger customers and future employees.

Business travel trends

With the pandemic’s strong grip on the entire world, business travel is changing drastically. More people are working from home due to closed borders, personal safety, and budget cuts. Even before covid, business travel was undergoing a large shift. Long gone are the days where you simply fly in, attend a meeting or conference, and fly home. More and more, employees are seeking a more balanced business travel experience that is more of a combined business trip and vacation. Allowing employees more personal freedom once travel is safer again helps people have more enriching travel experiences, which helps them gain perspective instead of just mindlessly traveling for work. As business travel trends change rapidly in the next few years, this is something you will want to use data to monitor closely.

Business intelligence trends

Business intelligence trends are changes that relate to how companies collect and analyze data and conduct research. With advances in big data and AI technology, business intelligence is a rapidly growing field. Honestly, if you don’t become more data-driven in the future, it will be hard to keep up with the competition. One of the top business trends to look out for is how companies start to create more internal data and increasingly use social media. Additionally, with the ubiquity of smartphones and tablets comes the ability to analyze data trends easily no matter where you are. As each employee now has research tools in their pocket, you can expect this type of analysis to become more popular, which is why it’s important to get ahead now.

Business communication trends

With more people than ever working from home, the way people communicate with their coworkers and clients is changing drastically. Doctors are using telehealth to diagnose clients, companies are holding meetings on Zoom, and students worldwide are getting degrees from the comfort of their bedrooms. By identifying business communication trends, you can see investment opportunities for programs like Zoom as well as understand the way smartphones are changing the nature of work. Communication impacts small business technology trends. Small businesses are increasingly using tablets for payment, which is also a great source of data.

Global business trends

Global business trends include more generic societal shifts that will change existing markets in dramatic ways. As developing nations approach higher standards of living, they will begin to enter markets they couldn’t before. Therefore, it is essential to start building audiences in these places right now. Additionally, general population shifts and attitudes impact the global markets. For example, as people are waiting longer to get married and have kids, businesses related to weddings, and children will see a shift in their target demographic as well. Most importantly, with the internet and social media, buyers are more informed than ever before. While this is great for consumers, companies must adjust their approach to attract a more aware demographic. This is especially true with regards to the environment as the general population becomes more and more aware of production methods and products that are harmful to the environment. Similarly, parents are now hyper-aware of how processed foods impact their children’s’ growth. It is more important than ever that companies be clear about the ingredients in their products.

future business trends

With all the different types of trends explained above, it can be a lot to handle. Thankfully, the development of big data can help you make sense of these trends. By using data to stay informed, you can even identify trends before your competition. Especially given the current crisis and the upcoming change in administrations, there are lots of rapid changes ahead.

Web scraping, a process that helps you quickly extract and organize large data sets from the internet, is an essential tool for anyone involved in the business today. Whether your business is large or small, web scraping can help you organize the most amount of data possible. This helps you identify trends in business as well as better understand how your customers are changing. If your business is struggling financially, read here about how to collect data for free.

international business trends

Thankfully, Scraping Robot’s web scrapers and custom scraping service have many uses for every aspect of your business. The great thing about scraping services is that you can scrape any site. Simply contact the team and get started today. Below are some ideas for how to use Scraping Robot to stay ahead of the competition and identify business trends before they arrive.

Customize the perfect scraping tool for your needs

Scraping Robot is always ready to serve your business’ unique needs. Because we understand every industry has its own quirks, you can request a custom scraper with this form.

Find trends by scraping the HTML

By scraping any HTML page and getting the pages’ content as output, you have endless options. This is essential for understanding your business’ own website as well as the competition. Importantly, you can scrape public records in order to identify trends in population, economic wealth, housing, and the environment. For example, if you discover a rise in disposable income, it might be a good time to add some fun new products for regular customers with more money to spend. This information also helps you to understand the ways in which a given nation is changing for better or worse so you can change your business plan accordingly. You can also scrape often dense technology reports in order to understand how production processes are changing in a given industry without having to read hours and hours’ worth of reports.

Scraping online shopping and prices trends

Prices are a great indicator of global business trends. By scraping sites, you can anticipate rising prices within an industry. By using data, you can get ahead of the competition by finding the perfect price point for your product. Online shopping sites now also have an increased capacity for reviews. By scraping these sites, you can easily sort reviews and get a better understanding of the customer psyche. When you do this for competitor sites it is especially useful because you can create internal solutions to competitor’s problems, giving you an advantage.

Scraping Google trends

The most popular sites and places are rapidly changing. Scraping search engines like Google and Google Places gives you the most popular sites and places for a given keyword or location. Thinking globally can be overwhelming at times, so using Google to localize your focus can help you distinguish between global trends and trends within your community. This is an important distinction for small businesses without a large online presence because community trends and shifts in local opinion are going to have a larger impact on them than for larger corporations who are more concerned with global business trends.

Scraping social media trends

Social media is one of the largest global connecting forces today. The great thing about scraping social media sites is that you get large sets of data that mostly relate to social attitudes and interests. Such data is helpful in predicting future business trends because it allows you to get into the head of your customer. Similar to reviews, it is useful to see what kind of pages interest your customers and how they behave online. By collecting individual data, you can begin to see larger patterns among users.


In a quickly changing global world, simply keeping up can feel like a Herculean task. However, understanding and identifying key trends in business is crucial to the survival of businesses large and small. With a web scraping tool, you can save time, money, and energy by quickly extracting and organizing massive amounts of data. In addition to better understanding your customer base and their needs, you can also identify trends in business before the competition. Now is the perfect time to prepare for the future!

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