Big Data Challenges: Web Scraping And API Technology

Hannah Benson
March 27, 2021

Big Data Challenges: Web Scraping And API Technology
Although there is more data available online than ever before, this advancement comes with its own issues. Big data challenges, difficult situations that result from managing large data sets, can make your organizational workflow slower and leave you with less time for the important tasks. Thankfully, web scraping is a solution to these challenges that is easy to learn no matter your level of technical ability. Web scraping, the automatic extraction of data from web pages, makes it easier to manage large data sets, leaving you with more secure data analysis and more time to integrate data into your plans moving forward.

If you already understand the basic issues faced working with Big Data, use the table of contents to discover how Scraping Robot’s API is a great tool for inputting data from multiple sources into your preferred API program.

Table of Contents

What Are Big Data Problems?

What Are Big Data Problems?

Big Data, the gathering and use of big amounts of data, is a great tool that comes with its own challenges. Since the data sets are so large, the task of collecting the data itself can be one of the primary issues due to the amount of information that must be analyzed and stored. However, there are other issues including security and implementing data analysis into your organization. Because large data sets provide more accurate insight than smaller data sets, synthesizing what you’ve learned and changing for the better can be difficult.

Part of the task of handling big amounts of data is how to collect it, which has its own set of hurdles. But equally important is knowing what to do with that data once it’s generated. Web scraping can collect data efficiently and quickly–and the best data collection services can offer ways to scrape that do so with speed and security. Data extraction technology uses crawlers to gather information from across the internet. The data is culled into a usable format for further analysis. However, if you’re looking to take data and re-introduce it directly into software? A data scraping API is what you really need to explore. Knowing these concepts are at your disposal can help your team design apps and software programs grounded in data-driven processes. We’ll explore those technologies below, as well as all the advantages that pay off of using high-end tech to produce data.

By learning how to manage these issues, you will find success with consumer trust, handling lots of information, and finding new ways to innovate.

Solving Challenges of Big Data Analytics

Solving Challenges of Big Data Analytics

Web scraping, the automatic extraction of data from a web page, is the perfect tool for tackling big data challenges and opportunities. To make the most of the data you collect, check out tips below for managing common challenges with big data.

Amount of Information

As the term ‘Big data’ indicates, the amount of information contained in large data sets is a leading problem for organizations without the infrastructure to support this level of analysis. Web scraping is a great tool for collecting data and synthesizing it in a way that is easily shared and understood among coworkers.

While it may be tempting to hire an entire team of employees to manually parse through data, even the best teams can benefit from the automation of time and labor-intensive processes. Scraping is the perfect tool to boost your existing data department or compensate for small organizations that can’t afford more employees. Scraping reduces the amount of work your team does collecting data by doing that automatically, therefore leaving them with more time to make sense of and implement the data.

Big data privacy and security challenges

Big data security challenges are a result of a desire to be discreet about the data you are seeking and protecting vulnerable client data such as payment details. Using a web scraper allows you to access large data sets without being exposed to the competition. This makes it easier to implement your data since you’ll be reducing the risk of competitors discovering what data you are using for decision-making.

Using scraping for security data challenges allows you to build trust with your customers that their data is safe with you and will be used in appropriate ways.

Big data implementation challenges

In addition to dealing with the vast amount of data available, the data itself is only useful with proper analysis and implementation. Scraping helps with the amount of data and also makes it easier to compare data sets and share them with your team.

Implementing data involves making meaningful data-driven changes to your product, organizational infrastructure, or new projects and campaigns. Because web scraping frees up your time and makes data easier to share or input into analysis programs, your team will have more time to make smart decisions about the future.

Benefits of Solving Data Problems with Web Scraping

Benefits of Solving Data Problems with Web Scraping

Big data analytics challenges can be solved with web scraping. While I’ve outlined the problems themselves, here is more about the benefits of incorporating scraping in your organization.

Collect as much data as you need

While smaller companies may have less need for large data sets, large organizations must synthesize lots of sales data and consumer data at once. This need for data brings its own limits. With web scraping, you will be able to collect lots of data in short amounts of time with minimal manual effort.

Scraping Robot’s scrapers make it easy to scrape multiple product pages within the same eCommerce site. This allows you to collect data quickly while also focusing analysis on specific products or trending topics.

Management and security

Security issues are relevant for both consumers and sellers. Consumers want to know that companies are using their data securely and in the right ways. Sellers need to ensure their data collection is private in order to be healthier than the competition as well as please consumers.

Web scraping makes this balance easier than ever. Our scrapers are secure, therefore you won’t have to worry about legal issues or using data in the wrong way. Scraping is a security blanket that both you and your customers need. Once you master data security, your consumers will trust your more, therefore returning for more purchases or recommending your organization to friends.

Innovation opportunities

The challenges of big data analytics make innovation difficult by reducing your amount of time to synthesize and brainstorm ideas based on data analysis. However, the quality of large data sets is essential to a business’s success.

In order to get the best of both worlds, scraping large data sets makes it easier to manage data which in turn leaves you with less work organizing and understanding data. Web scrapers make it easy to understand what the data is saying while saving you enough time to use it properly.

Tackling the Challenges of Big Data with Scraping Robot

Tackling the Challenges of Big Data with Scraping Robot

Scraping Robot’s API makes it easy for you to input scraped data into your preferred analysis program. Many of the challenges of big data are a result of improper analysis due to overwhelming amounts of data or the inability to compare multiple data sets simultaneously.

With our API, your data goes directly into your analysis API, removing the work of transferring data between programs and data sources on your own. The expertise of the Scraping Robot team is another vital resource included in our API. You will have access to our team’s insights that can help you find the most relevant data and develop your data strategies. If this sounds like a good fit for you, then check out our API page for more information.

Scraping Robot’s price page makes it easy to compare the prices of our different services.



With a new world comes new challenges. The challenges of big data analytics are especially present since we are all learning how to manage more data than we’ve ever had to before. Instead of submitting to the overwhelming feelings, turn to a web scraping tool that can help you navigate large data sets with ease, allowing your team more time and energy to make the important decisions. Big data challenges, unfortunately not a thing of the past, can be solved using web scraping to give you access to useful data while also respecting consumer privacy and being open to new ways of thinking.

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