Accessing Wayfair Price History: Web Scraping Data Insights

Hannah Benson
February 19, 2021

Wayfair, a site known for high-quality furniture at low prices, is home to tons and tons of pricing and review data. This data can be used comparatively with other eCommerce sites or help you reevaluate the price of your own product. While you could spend hours and hours searching through product information and trying to make sense of it all, a web scraping tool can do the same work quickly and automatically. Web scraping, the automatic extraction of data from web pages, is a process useful to anyone but especially those analyzing pricing and product data.

Accessing Wayfair price history is useful for several reasons. First, comparing your own prices to the low prices featured on Wayfair can help you find your own ideal price. There are many product reviews on Wayfair that can be scraped for insights into customer satisfaction with various products-useful for potential customers. And more importantly, this data can evolve into a valuable tool for those looking to compete in the industry because they can use the data to build a better product or create a competitive price point.

If you already know the basics of Wayfair data collection, use the table of contents to discover how web scraping is the perfect tool to collect price and review data from the Wayfair website.

Table of Contents

1. How Can I Get Sales Data from Wayfair?

2. How to See Price Changes for Wayfair

3. Why is tracking Wayfair price changes important?

4. Web Scraping to Supplement Wayfair Price History

How Can I Get Sales Data from Wayfair?

wayfair price history Because of Wayfair’s popularity in the online furniture market, there is tons of sales data and price data within the site to give you insights into the industry as a whole. Web scraping is the easiest way to get sales and price data for Wayfair. By scraping the product page, you will get pricing data, product data, and more. Scraping product reviews in addition gives you social data about how prices or products are perceived by customers. The Wayfair price tracker also has price data.

Web scrapers can search on the pages of Wayfair gathering data related to “sofas,” “bedroom storage,” or any other keywords you wish to find more info about. Once found, that data scraper takes the collected information and compiles it into one neat document. A document that is easily accessed by you, time and again. Wayfair data is useful for buyers and sellers alike.

How to See Price Changes for Wayfair

wayfair price tracker As you start to use web scraping to collect price data on Wayfair, you may be wondering how often and drastically the prices change. In order to figure this out, scrape the Wayfair price history tracker for updated data on how prices fluctuate on the site over time. Here are ways that price fluctuation data is useful for an organization.

Brand analysis

Brand analysis consists of using data to evaluate how your brand is perceived by customers and the public. Customer sentiment data is especially useful for thinking about how to grow your brand by making it more appealing to consumers. Price data is equally important for brand analysis. While not as subjective as sentiment data, price analysis regarding how price changes over time is useful for noting the impact of your brand and its role within the market.

If price continues to lower over time, that is a good indicator you should make changes to strengthen your brand presence. You can create advertising campaigns that speak to a brand ethos or find ways to gain consumer trust by streamlining your production process. Price analysis does not give you insights to change your brand rather it is a useful indicator of brand strength.

Reevaluate your product

Lots of products such as makeup require companies to buy different materials or ingredients to fabricate the final product. If your price keeps rising in a way the market can’t handle, that is a sign you should find ways to reduce the price of your product. Faced with this scenario, analyzing and tracking the prices of your specific materials can help you find easy ways to reduce the production cost of your product.

If the price of a Wayfair sofa became out of reach for consumers, finding a less expensive fabric option can help lower the price. Therefore, it is important to not only analyze and compare prices for products like a sofa, but also pay attention to the market for the materials needed to make a sofa. Collecting price data on both product and material gives you more data to work with, generating specific and useful insights that help you manage the fluctuating nature of prices in our global economy.

Why is Tracking Wayfair Price Changes Important?

wayfair website reviews When you track price changes and other data sets in Wayfair, you’ll gather valuable insights regarding the market for furniture products and other home goods. Below are different ways scraping Wayfair data is useful for your organization.

Pricing analysis

Scraping prices is a common practice in business. By collecting pricing data, you can find your ideal price for your own product. Since Wayfair specializes in low prices, scraping their site to get an idea of the lower range is important for building your perfect price point. Using the lower price range to perform price analysis helps you predict how the same market will react to your price.

Customer reviews

In addition to pricing data, Wayfair is home to tons of online reviews. Scraping reviews is an easy way to gauge customer sentiment about a given product. If you want to sell the perfect sofa, then understanding how consumers feel about current market options is important to building a better product. By scraping Wayfair, you can see what complaints or compliments people have about Wayfair sofas whether it relates to price, quality, or delivery. By analyzing customer reviews, you can ensure that you don’t make the same mistakes with your own product making success more likely.

Competitor analysis

A big reason to scrape Wayfair price history and changes is to see how it impacts competing businesses. When the Wayfair price tracking tool indicates a change, that likely means there is a corresponding change in the market. Scraping competitor product pages alongside web scraping Wayfair provides you with more data to work from than limiting yourself to one site.

Web Scraping to Supplement Wayfair Price History

wayfair price changes As useful as price tracking on Wayfair is, there are many other sides that can be scraped for supplemental data. Supplemental data helps you understand Wayfair’s decisions more as well as compare it to the rest of the industry. Here are some other sites you can scrape to access more relevant data.

Other eCommerce sites

The internet is full of eCommerce sites that all have their own price, product, and review data. All the data sets you can find on Wayfair can likely be found on comparable eCommerce sites. Therefore, scraping eCommerce sites is an easy way to increase the accuracy of your data. You can’t perform market analysis by only scraping changes in price, so gathering as much data as possible from other eCommerce sites strengthens your data and therefore your insights.

Social media data

Social media is another platform where elated and frustrated consumers alike go to vent their feelings. Consumers may be willing to be more honest on social media accounts than on official company website reviews. People engage in discussions on social media, meaning there are comments sections for someone’s post that you can analyze in addition to their original post.

Social media sites often have trending topic pages. You can discover what issues are being tweeted about the most and also scrape those trending topic pages.

Custom scraping solution

Custom scraping solutions are perfect for when your project needs exceed Scraping Robot’s pre-existing modules. While the modules are great for getting started, you will eventually have more in-depth data needs. Building a custom scraping solution with the Scraping Robot team is useful for projects that require scraping by the terabyte. Our solutions usually cost less per scrape at a higher capacity. Working with our team releases you from having to manage proxies or development. If this seems like the path for you, check out our process page for more information.


conclusion wayfair price history Offering low prices and high quality, the Wayfair website is perfect for collecting retail data. Web scraping, the automatic extraction of data from web pages, is the ideal tool for scraping retail sites like Wayfair. Scraping product information is useful for building your own competing items that will enter the market. Scraping price data to access Wayfair price history gives you valuable insight into what the lower range of furniture prices looks like, giving you a better sense of pricing your own product. Scraping Wayfair website reviews taps you into the mind of consumers and what they want to improve. No matter where you are in your journey of learning to use web scraping, starting with the Wayfair site is an easy way to gather tons of product data in one spot.

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