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How To Use An Indeed Scraper (The Best Indeed Job Scraper)

Miranda Huston
March 25, 2020

indeed scraper

In a digital landscape that is filled with people attempting to be seen, it can be difficult to stand out. How do you write an eye-catching cover letter? How do you summarize the entirety of your career in a few lines? How do potential employers make future employees feel welcome before they have even begun? These questions must be answered, and they must be answered on Indeed. Whether you are seeking employment or hunting for the very best candidates, Indeed is a leading resource for those in need of direction and guidance during times of change and growth. But while advanced search options and other search filters on Indeed are fantastic, there is even more to the job site than meets the eye. That is where an Indeed scraper comes into play.

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Scraping is a fantastic way to gather more information than initially providing and gain a full understanding of potential jobs you are applying for or potential candidates you want to hire. In this blog, I will define how to scrape Indeed, different jobs that benefit and introduce you to the very best Indeed job scraper around. The hiring process is stressful enough for all parties, so why not relieve some of the pressure that comes with interviewing and hiring? Time to jump right in.

What Is an Indeed Scraper?

How to scrape descriptions for jobs on indeed  Web scraping is an automated method of data collection. Think of all the time and effort it takes to search through pages and pages of information in order to find something relevant to the topic you are looking for. Scraping cuts that time way down and provides a solution to those tired of wasting time reading data that does not pertain to the task at hand. For example, say you are moving to a new city and need to find a job on top of packing and everything else that comes with uprooting your life. Rather than waste what precious time you have scouring pages upon pages of jobs, an Indeed scraper can scrape job descriptions for you, compiling them and transcribing them into one neat document. It does not apply for the jobs in your place, it just makes you aware of potential jobs that actually align with your interests and skillset.

When it comes to using Indeed, job seekers and future employers will find the entire process sped up and see how much faster it can be to find the right job at the right time or grab the attention of the perfect candidate for the role you have posted. Indeed web scraping is the closest alternative we have to mind reading. In some ways, a scraping tool has a sixth sense about the companies, job postings, and candidates that relate to you and your needs. All you need to do is give the scraper a baseline with which to start from and the handy bot heads off to find all the data relating to the keywords or phrases you provide. A state of unemployment can prove to be one of the most stressful times in a person’s life and attempting to hire the right candidate can feel overwhelming and impossible, do away with any pressure and let an Indeed scraper do the hard work for you.

How to Scrape Indeed

How to scrape indeed

In your research about web scraping and searching for the right Indeed scraper to fit your needs, you might have come across those who web scraper without the help of a paid scraping service. How is this done? And do I recommend it? At its very core, web scraping parses through HTML or hypertext markup language. HTML is the language of the internet, the back end of nearly every website and web page. A way for devices to make sense of how coders want pages to be designed and how interactive they need the user experience to be. By searching through tags in the code, like job summary or company name, those who are daring might hope to scrape Indeed on their own. However, this form of scraping is incredibly time and labor-intensive. Figuring out how to export data from Indeed is supposed to be simple, that is the whole point of scraping in the first place. While I find it useful to tell you about this alternative method, so that you may better understand what a web scraper is actually doing, I highly recommend you use a paid Indeed scraper to get the job done.

Once you find the best Indeed web scraper for the job, you need only tell it what you would like it to search for, before sending it off to do the leg work. In a shorter amount of time than you would believe, the scraping tool will come back with data pertinent to your queries. What is more, all of that information is collected and gathered into one neat document for your convenience. Scraping is all about automation, cutting research time down so that you may focus your energy on prepping for interviews and getting to know future employees. Now that we have the how covered, I want to focus in on the why of it all.

Reasons to Start Web Scraping Indeed

Web scraping jobs from indeed

As I mentioned earlier, there are many benefits to employing the use of an Indeed scraper. In the following paragraph, l want to look at more specific examples of why one would start web scraping on Indeed in the first place.

Scraping descriptions for jobs

As someone who used Indeed in order to find a job myself, I can tell you that there is just so much out there. It can be incredibly difficult to know if a particular job is actually interesting or if you are so hungry for work, you have blinded yourself to what employers are truly asking of you. That is why figuring out how to scrape descriptions for jobs on Indeed is the fastest way to procure more pertinent data about jobs in the field in which you work. Searching for keywords within those descriptions will help to pinpoint the exact language you wish to be included in the overview of a potential job. Scraping descriptions can also be useful for employers attempting to make their job postings stand out from other companies.

Using a web scraper to get candidate information

Speaking from the perspective of potential employers, gaining insight into all the candidates you hope to interview can be a daunting process, especially when working for larger companies whose job postings receive hundreds, if not thousands of applications. Using an Indeed scraper to find particular skills and certain experience in a candidate’s profile will help to speed up the hiring process. Gathering all of the candidate information at once will allow employers to quickly rule out some while reaching out to others.

Collecting stats on salary

It is true when people say that it is easier to find a job when you already have one. While this might be the case, most people do not want to give up financial stability unless that new job pays more than their current position. Negotiating salary during an interview can be awkward and awfully uncomfortable, but potential candidates can at least get an idea of pay by web scraping Indeed for salary information. Plus, companies can use this process of scraping in order to keep their starting salaries competitive in a hyper-competitive job market.

Jobs That Benefit From Indeed Scraping

Using a web scraper to get candidate information from indeed

We have discussed why job seekers and employers benefit from web scraping jobs from Indeed, but what other people? Those that have jobs and are looking to make their lives a little easier. Here is a list of jobs that can benefit from the use of an Indeed scraper. 


The most obvious people to benefit is recruiters, those hoping to collect a pool of candidates that are either interested in the company they work for or have already applied for open positions. Recruiters are always on the hunt for fresh talent, but the more people use internet resources to find work, the more people there are hoping to get hired. Recruiters can search past job titles, experience levels, and desired salary in order to get a pulse of who to reach out to and whose applications to file away until the right job is posted.

 HR representatives

Human resource teams have grown a lot in the last few years. More companies are focusing on employee satisfaction and company culture. The larger HR departments grow, the more they need to stay in touch with the needs and wants of potential candidates. Indeed scraping is just the ticket. HR reps can look through candidate profiles, connect with potential employees that live out of state, and quickly find people whose lease on life is a direct march with the company mission. Finding a job goes far beyond experience these days, scraping helps to match up candidates with similar values to that of future employers.

 Marketing and advertising jobs

Jobs in marketing and advertising greatly benefit from an Indeed scraper tool. Whether your company is looking to hire or not, understanding the state of the job market is a fantastic way to tailor your marketing tactics. Say you are hoping to build a campaign that targets recent college grads or those looking to make a career change, gathering information on Indeed is a quick way to gain insight into what that target audience wants and needs from all sorts of companies.

For even more jobs that benefit from Indeed scraping, check out our blog here.

Wrapping Up

What once was a simple search in the wanted ads, is now a long, arduous process of online applications and fully fleshed out candidate profiles. Application anxiety and hiring fatigue are real. We have all been there and the stress of it all is intense enough to make your hair stand on end. Rather than lose your wits about you in the process, let an Indeed scraper takes the pressure off. With the help of Scraping Robot, candidates will be ready to face any interviews that come, and employers will get a better sense of the people they wish to hire. Do not let interviewing and hiring become a battle, instead, see how Indeed scraping can work for you.