The Ziprecruiter API (And How To Get Job Data)

Hannah Benson
May 12, 2021

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While on the surface a space for job searching and networking, sites like Ziprecruiter are full of useful data. Web scraping, the automatic extraction of data from a webpage, is the best tool for collecting this data. Once collected, data from the Ziprecruiter API can be used to conduct analysis about the job market and employment. This analysis is useful for employers because they get a better sense of the competition. Yet, it is also essential for general research purposes regarding employment, business size, salaries, and more. With the Scraping Robot API, all this data can be used to create your own software or for organizational insights.

If you know the basics of the Ziprecruiter API, use the table of contents to learn the benefits of analyzing employment data.

What is the Ziprecruiter API?

Ziprecruiter jobs api

An API, or application programming interface, is a bit of code that allows two softwares to share data between each other easily and securely. For example, an app on your phone connects to your phone’s software in order to complete purchases, find directions, send emails, check the weather, and more.

The Ziprecruiter API is therefore the code that allows Ziprecruiter to find jobs in your area, collect employee reviews, and collect other employment metrics. For example, one job post might be posted across various job sites because all those different job site APIs are pulling data from the original job post. Often, a job site will simply connect you to the organization’s site where you can formally apply.

How to Get Ziprecruiter API Data

Ziprecruiter developer api

In addition to looking for jobs or employees, the Ziprecruiter jobs API can be used to collect employment data for research and other analytical purposes. The data available through the Zipcrecruiter job search API makes it possible for you to discover the perfect salary, understand how employees feel, and compare businesses of different sizes and specialities.

Web scraping

The easiest way to collect this data is through web scraping. While it can be extracted manually, this takes too much time, money, and energy that can be spent elsewhere.

Web scraping is the automatic extraction of data from a web page. Once extracted, the data can be easily downloaded, shared, and analyzed. Scraping Robot’s HTML scraper is the perfect tool for extracting data from Ziprecruiter and any other web page. When you input an html link you receive the entire web page as data. The speed, security, and simplicity of scraping makes it the ideal strategy for collecting employment data from the Ziprecruiter apply API.

Ziprecruiter Scraping Benefits

Ziprecruiter job search api

Scraping Ziprecruiter helps employers understand their employees and the market at large. By better understanding industry trends impact salary, employee experiences, and more through extracting Ziprecruiter data.

Discover ideal salary

When hiring new employees, your organization is in competition for the best talent. To attract the best employees, you must offer a competitive and fair salary. Ziprecruiter allows you to search for salary data in a given zip code and job title. By scraping for a profession and location, you’ll receive detailed salary data that can be used to estimate labor costs for a project and stay updated on salary trends in your market.

In addition to offering employees fair compensation, salary data is useful for economic research purposes. For example, if you are researching how Americans use their disposable income, then understanding the average salary for different professions is a necessity. Salary data also makes it easy to compare different career paths whether you’re a college counselor presenting data to students or you’re considering switching careers.

Employee sentiment data

Home to more than just job posts, sites like Ziprecruiter are a space where employees can leave reviews of employers so that prospective employees can get a sense of the work environment and company culture. Scraping company review pages provides you with tons of employee sentiment data that generates insights regarding what kinds of characteristics employees like in a workplace and more.

While it is important to understand how your own employees feel, it is equally important to gauge the competition’s employee satisfaction. Scraping competitor review pages makes it easy to discover where you have an edge over the competition in terms of company culture and work environment. If a competitor’s employees express a lack of growth opportunities, then highlighting your organization’s growth opportunities when recruiting employees can help you attract quality talent.

For researchers, employee sentiment data is a great way to discover the different workplace standards based on generation, income level, industry, and more. Attitudes towards work are often indicative of larger cultural phenomenon, therefore understanding how different groups of people think about work is a nice way into other aspects of their lives and value systems.

Compare businesses by size

The Ziprecruiter job alert API allows you to organize companies by size. This feature is useful because it allows you to easily compare and contrast companies based on size (number of employees). The size of an organization is an important factor in the salary they can offer, benefits, and more. Therefore, factoring in business size is essential when extracting data regarding salary, culture, and more.

For those looking to start their own business, comparing salaries and other data points by size is useful for anticipating what size organization you would like to create. When looking at employee sentiment data, it is important to consider the business size as a contributing factor to the culture and increased individual attention of a smaller business.

Using the Ziprecruiter Developer API

Ziprecruiter apply api

In addition to extracting useful employment data, the Ziprecruiter API data can be used to create your own software, compare it against other job sites, and input directly into your analysis program of choice.

Other job sites

Ziprecruiter isn’t the only job site in town. Other job posting sites use similar data points for their API. Therefore, extracting data from other job sites is a great way to make sure you’re using as much data as possible for analysis. Combining salary data from different job sites makes your resulting insights much more accurate since they are based on more data points than just using Ziprecruiter.

Develop your own software

With certain APIs you can insert part of the application into your own software (website, app, etc). For example, organizations can add a live feed of their social media mentions to their website using a social media API. If you’re looking to create your own employment data software or database, you can use parts of the Ziprecruiter API to directly input employment data into your software. This makes your own program up to date and ensures it is pulling data from verified resources.

Scraping Robot API

For collecting employment data, the best approach is to use multiple job sites to increase the accuracy of your data insights. A common challenge with large or numerous data sets is the difficulty managing all the data. Scraping Robot’s API makes it easy to directly input data from multiple sources into your preferred analysis program. With our API, you can analyze many sources of employment data at once quickly and securely. Additionally, you get access to our Scraping Robot team who can help with management, development, troubleshooting, and creating unique scraping solutions. If this sounds like a good fit for your organization, check out our API page to get started.


ziprecruiter API conclusion

Similar to other popular job sites, the Ziprecruiter API is full of useful data regarding salary, job descriptions, company reviews, and more. When extracting using a scraping tool, Ziprecruiter data can be analyzed in order to yield valuable organizational insights. Once analyzed, your organization will discover the ideal salary, understand employee sentiment, and compare data based on other factors such as company size and location. With these new insights, you can build your own employment data software and compare Ziprecruiter API insights against other job sites using our Scraping Robot API.

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