How To Use A Shopify Scraper For Organizational Insights

Hannah Benson
June 24, 2021

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Shopify is a website built for small businesses to manage sales, marketing, analysis, and more in one space. Because it is both a POS (point of sale) system and management tool, Shopify has lots of useful data which can be extracted with a web scraping tool. Web scraping is the automatic extraction of data from a web page. By scraping Shopify, your organization can expand brand presence, track the competition, and perfect your production process all in one place. With the Scraping Robot API, this data can be combined and input directly into your preferred program for analysis.

What is Shopify API?

Shopify api

Shopify is a website that enables small businesses to conduct sales (both online and in person), manage payment and shipments, expand brand presence, and analyze sales using the same API (Application Programming Interface). The Shopify API is the bit of code that allows your device (iPad, laptop, etc) to securely share data with consumers. For example, when a customer places an order on Shopify, their payment information is shared with the store in order to fulfill the order without sacrificing consumer security.

Shopify data is useful because the API is central to many small businesses’ entire chain of production, therefore in possession of useful data related to any facet of business operations or marketing.

How to Scrape Shopify Store Data

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While you can manually extract store data from Shopify, such a process would be too time consuming, costly, and insecure. Web scraping, the automatic extraction of data from a web page, is the perfect tool for extracting Shopify data. By turning given web pages into data, scraping tools make it easy to gather sales data and more in a quick and secure fashion. Because sales and markets are constantly shifting, having consistently updated data is essential. With a scraping tool, you can extract the data as needed therefore ensuring your data is always accurate.

Web scraping Shopify

There are many approaches to using a Shopify scraper since the application covers so much of the production and sales process. On Shopify, you can scrape sales data (online vs pos), shipping statuses, competitor data, marketing, and social media.

Whichever Shopify feature you scrape, you’ll receive the webpage as data output. This makes the data easy to download and share among coworkers, investors, and more. Because your organization will be saving time on data extraction, you’ll have more time to dedicate to making data driven decisions towards the future.

Benefits of Shopify Web Scraping

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There are many benefits to using a Shopify scraper tool, including a deeper understanding of your organization, an expanded brand presence, and the ability to track competitors.

Understand your organization

Before you start marketing your products or engaging with social media, you have to gain a clear sense of your organization and how it can be improved. Since Shopify has data relevant to every aspect of your small business, scraping Shopify is an easy way to assess your organization as a whole. By looking at each aspect of production (product, sales, shipping, marketing, branding), you can understand which facets of your business are already solid and which need improving. Without this step, you could fail to see the actual problems that need solving. Above everything else, scraping Shopify is a way to understand your organization at a deeper level so that your future decisions are focused on the right things. Additionally, scraping your business operations helps the entire team get on the same page regarding organizational ethos, goals, and projects. Web scraping as an organizational diagnostic tool is a crucial first step, especially for businesses just starting out or in need of a shift in focus.

Expand brand presence

For organizations that rely heavily on brand presence, such as fashion brands, scraping is a great tool for managing social media presence and expanding online marketing. To get a sense of your consumers, scraping social media mentions and comments is a great place to start. Shopify has a business name generator whose results can be scraped to help with brainstorm sessions. They also have a domain generator and stock photography.

Combining social media scraping with Shopify branding tools helps your business expand its brand presence. When it comes to online marketing, Shopify offers many different website themes based on industry. Scraping these options is another way to kick off brainstorming sessions. While you can use one of Shopify’s themes, scraping them for inspiration ensures your brand’s look is unique yet accessible for online shoppers.

Keep track of the competition

In such a saturated retail market, keeping track of your competitors is a must. Shopify makes it easy to track the competition with their price monitoring tool. You can track the changes, no matter how subtle, in your competitor’s pricing. Because prices are constantly shifting, you need to scrape this information regularly to stay competitive. Consumers will usually only consider products within a reasonable price range, being too cheap or too expensive will push customers away. Scraping competitor prices with Shopify is the best way to establish a price range to move within while also updating the changing nature of the price range itself.

Web Scraping Service for Shopify

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Once you master how to scrape shopify stores, you can find shopify web scraping services that are built to help you analyze your extracted Shopify data.

Scraping Robot API

The Scraping Robot API allows you to directly input scrape data into your preferred analysis program. Our API is quick, secure, and can combine multiple data sets to be analyzed together. If you extract social media data or data outside Shopify, it can be analyzed alongside Shopify data which simplifies the analysis process. When you use our API, you get access to the Scraping Robot team’s expertise to fulfill all your scraping and data needs. The help of our team frees your team up to be creative, making data-driven decisions, and moving towards the future. If our API sounds like the right tool for your business, check out our API page for more information.


conclusion shopify scraper

Shopify makes it easy for businesses to manage online sales, in-person sales, marketing, shipping, branding, and more on one platform. Because of its many uses, Shopify has lots of relevant data that can be extracted by businesses looking to gain understanding of their organization. Web scraping, the automatic extraction of data from a web page, is the ideal tool for extracting this data efficiently, securely, and in a cost effective manner. Once data is scraped using a Shopify scraper, your organization will experience many benefits such as a deeper understanding of your goals, an expanded brand presence, and an awareness of the shifts in the market. All this data can be combined and analyzed using the Scraping Robot API and then used to make data-driven decisions for the future.

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