No Code Web Scraper (Advantages Of Data Scraping Without Code)

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November 1, 2021

The numerous benefits of web scraping for businesses across all industries are undeniable. Hundreds of companies and organizations already take advantage of this unmatchable growth hack to gain an edge over their competitors and improve business operations. There are many uses for the information collected. The right tools can make the whole process simple, so you can reap the perks sooner.

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Gathering data manually is a thing of the past. Avoid this tedious and time-consuming process altogether and automate all your web scraping efforts. You could do this by programming a tailor-made web scraper, but if you have no previous coding experience, this can be a bit of a pain. Finding a good no-code solution might be the answer to your big-data-related prayers.

The following guide will help you understand what a no-code web scraper is and how you can use it in your favor. Feel free to use the table of contents below to jump between sections.

Understanding No-Code Technology

understanding no code web scraper

Coding boot camps seem to be all the rage these days. While learning how to code is a valuable skill, not everybody has time for it, especially in the fast-paced business world. No-code scrapers are conveniently designed systems that open the door for entrepreneurs like you, who possess few if any technical skills, to access publicly available data and reach their business goals.

A no-code framework will allow you to execute software without composing a single line of code. Tools like these usually have an intuitive and user-friendly interface with drag-and-drop capabilities. These characteristics allow you to shape the implementation process and to easily train your teams in different departments to extract data in a much simpler way.

No-code web scrapers are transforming the market right now. These platforms often operate at three different levels:

  • Internal/capability — Where the core features constitute a general limit to what users can accomplish with the platform.
  • Logical/behavioral — Where you take everyday scraping operations into account and figure out which elements can be combined and rendered to work side by side in an automation system. 
  • External/user — This includes all essential elements for the scraper to work, as well as any shorter extraction modifications and the data collected and processed during the bot’s lifetime.

Scrapers that need no coding efforts from you are by no means meant to replace developers or fully exclude them from the bot-creation process. However, they will have your coding needs taken care of before they even land in your hands. This way,  all you’ll have to do is use simple commands to access the information you need to increase your chances of success.

Difficulties of Scraping With Code

problem with code scraping

As mentioned above, scraping with code can turn into a lengthy, painful process if you don’t exactly know what you’re doing. It will require you to perform several actions before you even start your data-gathering exercise. Some of the factors that make scraping with code more challenging are:

  • Learning a programming language
  • Looking for the data you want to scrape
  • Examining the site you want to crawl
  • Downloading and installing libraries and frameworks
  • Updating your code with each layout change
  • Understanding what parsing is and learning how to do so
  • Finding a convenient output format that allows you to visualize your freshly scraped data
  • Managing your proxies manually
  • Solving captchas
  • Monitoring your bot’s crawling patterns and make sure they look humanlike
  • Worrying about honeypot traps and other anti-scraping techniques

And the list could go on. If you choose to use code to scrape the web, you’ll need to keep tabs on the sites you’re scraping to ensure you’re following their rules. Moreover, you’ll have to stay vigilant for the anti-scraping mechanisms that plague the web and do your best to anticipate their actions.

Who Can Benefit From Data Scraping Without Code

data scraping without code

Nowadays, big data is what every business needs to create better strategies that help them thrive. We cannot think of a single sector that wouldn’t benefit from access to programs that provide web scraping without code. The most common industries that use these practices in their favor are:


Online retailers can use web scraping APIs to gather information on their customers and competitors. This allows them to assess what others are doing so they can position and sell their products and lets them know where consumer sentiment stands. Moreover, business owners can scrape social media to manage their brand’s reputation and information on potential leads.

Real estate

Realtors and agencies can benefit from web scraping too. They can use this data-gathering method to learn more about the average property value and most common property types in a specific area. Real estate investors can also assess the market and collect information that allows them to maximize their return of investment and minimize the risk.

Travel and lifestyle

Agents rely on information they have gathered from different sites to compare and contrast traveling trends and prices among different providers. Web scraping can help them aggregate all this information in real-time and keep it handy in the same place.


Financial institutions, investors, and venture capitalists can simplify their research by scraping the web. This method lets them collect data on potential debtors to determine if they’re likely to pay back their debt or not. Additionally, it can help them stay updated on rules and regulations to ensure compliance.


Performing market research is an essential task in everyday business operations. Web scraping can help reduce the time and cost of collecting relevant information about the customer’s wants, needs, and pain points.


Companies need to make sure they hire the right talent. Web scraping recruitment listings and competitor sites can give business owners and HR managers a clear idea of what skills to look for in their candidates and what keywords to implement on their applicant tracking systems to narrow down their search.

Advantages of Web Scraping Without a Single Line of Code

web scraping without a single line of code

Besides saving time on programming efforts, web scraping without code has numerous other perks. It allows you to focus on the ultimate goal you have for your scraping tool rather than getting lost in the “wiring” details. By using a no-code web scraper, you can spend more time taking care of data analysis and other essential tasks to make your gathered information work for you right away.

Not starting from scratch with UI/UX architecture will spare you and your team many headaches. You’ll also significantly reduce the cost of development, and you won’t need to recruit any talent with an expensive skillset if your budget doesn’t allow you to (or if you’d rather invest that money elsewhere).

What To Look for in a No-Code Web Scraper

no code web scraper

There are many no-code solutions for web scraping available in the market, but not two of them are structured the same way. You must make sure the one you end up choosing perfectly suits your business needs and makes your life much easier. Some of the main characteristics your no-code web scraper should have are:

Custom modules

When scraping the web, the possibilities are endless. That’s why you will want to find a scraper with modules that adapt to your needs and help you make the most out of your data.

Intuitive API

The whole point of resorting to no-code web scraping is to make things easier for you and save you time. There’s no use in purchasing an API with a steep learning curve. Look for a tool that has clear instructions and an intuitive, user-friendly interface that you can use with ease.

Proxy management and rotation

‌As mentioned earlier, your scraping bot should save you time. That’s why having proxy management and rotation services is a total lifesaver. This feature will make your requests look more human and provide peace of mind while web scraping.

JavaScript rendering 

Some sites have JavaScript implementations to beautify their features and make them more user-friendly. These features tend to cause trouble while web scraping. Make sure your API can deal with JavaScript and can extract the HTML content of a page.

Wrapping Up: Find Your Best No-Code Scraping Option

No-Code Scraping Option

A no-code web scraper might be just what you need to further optimize your web scraping activities. It will spare your team the headache of building and testing a tool from scratch. Such a handy tool will help you cut down on time and development-related expenses and efforts so that you can focus on other important business activities. 

Our Scraping Robot API is the best option for those looking for code-free web scraping resources that won’t break the bank. It has all the features you’d expect from a top-tier web scraping tool and more. See it for yourself!

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