Feeding Your Marketing Analytics Tools With Web Scraped Data

Saheed Opeyemi
March 11, 2021

When it comes to marketing analysis and using marketing analytics tools, the number one fuel needed is data, plain and simple. You need data to properly carry out comprehensive analytics to better understand the market. It’d be beneficial to have data on past events, competitor strategy, consumer preferences, industry trends, and so much more. All these data sets are necessary if you truly want to get the best out of marketing analysis.

But how do you get the data you need? Traditionally, you could use in-house data generated by your team. You could buy data from data miners or use public data from data libraries. All these methods may allow you to get the data you need. But what if you could integrate data directly into your marketing analytics tools? What if you had a way to continually update marketing data in real-time and feed it directly into your analysis process?

This article will explore how marketing analysis and marketing analytics tools work, using web scraping for marketing analysis, and how to use the Scraping Robot API to feed data directly into your marketing analytics tools.

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What is Marketing Analysis?

What is Marketing Analysis?

A market analysis is a documented investigation of a market used to inform a firm’s planning activities. Marketing analysis evaluates a market’s qualitative and quantitative factors, whether as a startup or an established organization.

These factors include the competition, consumers’ purchasing patterns, market size, location’s economic growth, and various market sectors. With these datasets, you can determine the current and potential risks of setting up your business in a specific market.

Carrying out marketing analysis is a necessary activity for you as a business owner. A market analysis doesn’t just tell you about the behavior of the market; it also gives you insight into consumer behavior. It allows you to learn more about competitor tactics and industry trends. It also gives you insight into how your own strategies have been working and what you can do to improve them. All these make the market analysis more than just another business process. You absolutely need to invest time, effort, and energy into it. However, to successfully do this, you need proper marketing analytics tools.

What are Marketing Analytics Tools?

What are Marketing Analytics Tools?

To perform an analysis, you certainly need reliable tools to get the job done, which is why marketing analytics tools may come in handy during market analysis.

They are software used by marketers to understand their marketing campaigns’ progress and where to improve or “manipulate” the outcome. Digital marketing analytics tools help monitor vital metrics such as click-through rates, website traffic, page views, and more. Therefore, as a marketer, you could deduce which strategies give the best results and what to do if the results aren’t suitable.

You should note that these tools vary; for example, some perform the analysis wholly (that means it provides metrics on all your campaigns like social media, search advertising, and email) while others focus on the marketing channels severally. It may require extensive research to discover the top marketing analytics tools that suit your campaign.

However, web scraping is a one-stop operator for getting all the metrics you need for marketing campaigns. Web scraping is a quick and easy way of extracting data from the Internet using a bot.

Why You Should Scrape Data for Marketing Analysis

Why You Should Scrape Data for Marketing Analysis

Data is a powerful edge when you use it the right way. In marketing, data can help you achieve all your campaign goals and exceed your expectations. Every marketer needs data to know what contents their customers are interested in and how to serve them efficiently. What’s more, scraping data can go a long way in helping to fulfill your inbound marketing strategies. Before we look at the reasons why you should scrape data for marketing analysis, let’s define what web scraping is.

Web scraping allows you to use automated bots to crawl through the source code of given webpages and extract data according to preset parameters. The bots break the webpage down into basic HTML code and then extract data from within the code. The extracted data is downloaded into a CSV file or something similar for easy use.

Web scraping allows you to do three things:

  • collect data in large volumes
  • collect random and disorganized data into a structured form and,
  • collect data in real-time and from any website on the internet

Basically, with web scraping, you can access and extract data from any website on the internet. Need financial data? You can scrape a platform like Yahoo! Finance for financial statistics, stock market data, etc. You can scrape industry news platforms, competitor websites, review platforms, and so on.

Here are four reasons to use this efficient method, web scraping, to extract data for your marketing analysis:

1. Competitive Analysis for Marketing
Marketing competitor analysis is an effective way to prevent a failed campaign. Anything your competitors do is a source of information to you. Either it is telling you what you need to do or what to avoid. With web data integration, you can extract the metrics of a campaign performed by competitors to understand the audience’s reaction. You can also learn the areas in which you can craft your campaign to make it more appealing. It is important to complete a successful campaign where your content is accepted by your consumers and the media at large.

2. Marketing Analysis for Generating Leads
Two crucial factors of marketing are knowing your target audience and where you can find them. For example, if you are selling wristwatches, you know your potential clients are wristwatch enthusiasts, then you need to find where they hang out next. Generating leads means establishing connections with qualified prospective customers.

By utilizing the web scraping technique, you will get all the information you need about leads with little to no work and at an affordable price. You will have access to essential data like their names, social media handles, thereby knowing precisely the right target audience.

3. Search Engine Optimization for Marketing Analysis
If you are trying to boost your business visibility, improving your search engine optimization is one way to go about it. SEO helps people interested in your products or services find you faster when they search the Web. To get your SEO right, you need to use the right keywords and at the appropriate amount of times. Also, SEO guidelines are ever-changing, so you will have to update your website regularly.

Knowing the right keywords is where web scraping comes in handy. Web scraping not just helps you to get the right keywords, but you can also use it to get real-time data. Since SEO changes as time goes on, then you need a tool that would continually update you. You can immediately know which keywords are generating the most traffic when you scrape the keyword sites.

4. Industry trends analysis
Change is the only constant. With the way recent innovations are changing social and economic growth dynamics, every marketer must be aware of all the latest industry trends. When you do market research, you can gain access to customer’s reviews which help you determine what your audience likes and dislikes. With this edge, you could identify how to improve your services above the competition and become recognized.

Furthermore, you can determine which products are the best sellers and other opportunities that can boost sales. All the information you need to get these benefits can be extracted by simply scraping the sites. You can get data sets like sales data, demographics, news, and so on. With the data, you can know how to tailor your information.

Inputting these data sets and numbers would be extremely tasking and confusing for anyone, which is why it is reasonable to implement web data extraction to get the job done swiftly and accurately.

Competitive Analysis for Marketing with Scraping Robot’s API

Competitive Analysis for Marketing with Scraping Robot's API

If after going through this article, you decide to invest in a web scraping service as a source of data for your marketing analytics tools, then you have come to the right place. At Scraping Robot, We offer an advanced web scraping service that allows you to extract data from any website on the internet. With the aid of multiple proxies, you can extract data from multiple web pages simultaneously.

Even better, using Scraping Robot API, you can set up a data collection funnel that transfers data and information from the source into our API and then directly into your analytics software. Our scraping API allows you to integrate our scraping solution into any software or process and feed data directly into it. By serving as an interface between the scraping software and your marketing analytics tools, you can collect data in real-time and even set up automated scraping sessions at regular intervals.

To get started, just send a message to our developers and they’ll get started developing your custom web scraping solution.



To efficiently use marketing analytics tools to analyze past market behavior and predict future behavior, you need copious amounts of data and a good way to get it. Web scraping offers the easiest and most efficient way to obtain this data. And Scraping Robot offers the easiest way to carry out web scraping activities.

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