Scraping Job Data For Employers With The Indeed API

Miranda Huston
June 30, 2021

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Indeed is a website that helps connect employers and job seekers through job postings, company reviews, salary data, and more. Because the Indeed site is full of relevant data, organizations can extract job data from the Indeed API for analysis. Web scraping, which is the automatic extraction of data from a webpage, is the best tool for extracting data from Indeed quickly, cheaply, and securely. Through scraping Indeed, an organization can establish a competitive salary, gain understanding of employee sentiment and values, find great candidates, and build a realistic budget for hiring employees and outside contractors. Once extracted, the Scraping Robot API helps you export the data directly into your preferred analysis program. With useful job data and web scraping tools, your organization can make smart, data-driven choices for the future.

What is the Indeed API?

What is the Indeed API? The Indeed job search API helps users find job postings that fit their experience, salary expectations, location, and more. When you search for “marketing jobs,” the Indeed API shares that data with the server which interprets it and presents you with relevant search results. The API is a messenger of sorts. Within Indeed, there is tons of useful job data including:

  • Job title
  • Job description
  • Salary
  • Location
  • Hours
  • Requirements
  • Company information
  • Candidate information

An API, or Application Programming Interface, is a software intermediary that allows applications to interact and securely share data. APIs make it possible to do things like send online messages, shop online, and check the weather on your phone.

How to Scrape Indeed

How to Scrape Indeed While you can manually extract data from Indeed, this process is time consuming, expensive, and requires a team. Web scraping is the automatic extraction of data from a web page. This process is cost-efficient and secure, and it provides your team with more time to focus on analysis and action. Using the API for Indeed job scraping makes it easier to manage large data sets such therefore making it an essential tool for larger organizations. But scraping is also ideal for small businesses unable to create their own data department.

Web scraping jobs from Indeed

In order to web scrape job postings on Indeed with an API, you first must search Indeed jobs by title. Without finding relevant job descriptions, you won’t extract useful data. Using a generic HTML scraper involves inputting the job posting URL and receiving the entire webpage data as output. But while the easiest method, you’ll still have to organize the data. Scraping Robot’s Indeed modules are built to recognize and organize Indeed data while scraping. Our Indeed modules include a salary scraper, a company review scraper, and a job scraper. Using an Indeed-specific scraper makes it easier to understand the data and generate insights. Whichever method you choose, learning how to scrape descriptions for jobs is indeed the first step to understanding your organization and its reputation among employees.

Benefits of Using an Indeed Job Scraper

Benefits of Using an Indeed Job Scraper Once you learn how to use an instant data scraper for indeed, you can start to reap some of the many organizational benefits that make it easier to attract talent and make competitive offers.

Establish competitive salary

In order to attract high-level talent, your organization has to offer a competitive salary and benefits. The easiest way to establish a competitive salary range is through scraping salary data on Indeed. Find jobs with similar requirements, time commitments, and responsibilities to understand how your competitors are compensating comparable employees. Since job seekers are likely applying to your competitors as well, it is important to offer a fair salary that is open to negotiation based on experience. While there are other aspects to consider when accepting a new job, salary is one of the most important. Lowballing employees is a turn off to talent and harmful to your organization’s reputation.

Understand Employee sentiment

In addition to competitive pay, employees value a supportive and inclusive company culture. When seeking work, people use online company reviews on Indeed and other job sites to get a glimpse of what life might be like if they work for a specific company. However, company reviews are about more than avoiding bad bosses and other professional red flags. Company reviews also reflect the values and structure of an organization. Even if your company culture is attractive to a candidate, they might want a small team instead of a large corporation. Scraping company reviews is essential for both employers and job seekers. For employers, company reviews reveal employee sentiment. While your organization might be doing internal satisfaction reviews, online reviews also influence your reputation amongst potential employees. Therefore scraping Indeed review is both an organizational diagnostic tool and a glimpse into employee sentiment. Companies can use common complaints or compliments to understand what they are doing right and where to improve. Scraping reviews makes company values clearer because when reviews are extracted as web data, the repeating phrases and words are easier to spot. Once these patterns reveal themselves, organizations will have a sense of their perception among employees (past and present) and therefore their reputation among job seekers.

Find candidates

On the other end of the process, organizations are flooded with online applications for every job post. Using a web scraper to get candidate information from Indeed ensures you’ll only spend time looking at qualified candidates based on listed job skills and requirements. Because the interview process takes time from both the employers and job seekers, getting straight to the best candidates is the best way to ensure everyone’s time is respected and that you don’t end up having to pick between many candidates.

Build a budget

While using Indeed to find full-time employees is great, there is also lots of salary information for different contractors. If you’re a small business owner, this salary information is helpful when creating a budget for outside contracting (production, packaging, social media, security, crew members, childcare, and basically any other service you can think of. If you are starting out, it is hard to know if you’re getting a fair deal. Scraping contractor salary information makes it easier to budget for every part of your process by creating expectations when you’re building an organization or small business.

How to Export Data from Indeed

How to Export Data from Indeed Once you’ve scraped job data with the Indeed API, you’ll have to manage and export data to your preferred analysis program. Scraping Robot’s API makes this possible.

Scraping Robot API

Scraping Robot’s API is built to help you directly export extracted data from web scraping into an analysis program of your choice. Managing lots of data sets and exporting them individually is time consuming and difficult. Our API makes it efficient to directly export data from scraping. This process makes it easier to manage larger data sets and access the knowledge of our team. The API allows you to combine different sets of data for a more accurate analysis. If this sounds like the solution for your organization, check out our API page.


Conclusion The job search is exhausting as employers and employees constantly look for a good fit. Indeed, one of the most popular job sites, makes this connection easier to find. Because of all the useful job, company, and salary data available, extracting data from the Indeed API yields valuable insights for organizations of all sizes. Using an Indeed web scraper makes it easy to determine a competitive salary, understand employee values, find candidates, and create a budget for employment and outside contractors. Once extracted, the Scraping Robot API makes it easy to directly export Indeed data into an analysis program of choice. Web scraping Indeed and conducting professional analysis will help your organization find and secure talented individuals for your team.

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