The Glassdoor API (And How To Use It)

Hannah Benson
May 9, 2021

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Whether you are searching for a job or hiring new employees, job sites like Glassdoor are full of important data. If used correctly, your organization can extract data related to salaries, job descriptions, company reviews, and more. Once extracted, this data will generate useful insights that help companies create competitive job offers, understand what employees want in a company, and prepare for the interview process. Additionally, when you supplement Glassdoor data with data from online retail sites and other job sites to increase the accuracy of your analysis.

If you know the basics of the Glassdoor API, then use the table of contents to learn how to properly analyze API data with our Scraping Robot API.

What is the Glassdoor API?

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An API, or application programming interface, is coding that enables two different programs to exchange data without compromising security. For example, the Starbucks app connects your phone’s software to that of nearby Starbucks locations so you can place orders through the app. The Glassdoor API is the programming interface that allows employers to share job posts and salary data with prospective employees, therefore serving as a conduit between employers and those seeking employment.

What data is in the Glassdoor Salary API?

As a job search site, Glassdoor contains information about

  • Detailed job posts
  • Salary date by industry
  • Employee reviews of companies
  • Interview questions

This data allows job seekers to learn more about companies they are interested in applying to, understand the market rate in order to negotiate salary, and prepare for interviews. For employers, the Glassdoor API is useful for understanding how your position (salary, benefits, hours, etc) compares to similar jobs in your industry.

How to Use Glassdoor API

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In addition to using the site as intended, the Glassdoor API can be used to extract useful data related to employment, salaries, job descriptions, and more. It is possible to collect Glassdoor data manually, but that takes lots of time, money, and employees. The easiest way to access the Glassdoor API is with a web scraping tool.

Web scraping

Web scraping, the automatic extraction of data from a web page, is the best tool for collecting data from the Glassdoor API. With Scraping Robot’s HTML scraper, you can input any HTML link and receive the page’s extracted data as output. Once extracted, this data can be analyzed in order to generate useful insights for both employers and those seeking work.

Benefits of Using a Glassdoor Web Scraper

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When you use a scraping tool to extract data from the Glassdoor API, you’ll collect data relevant to job positions, salaries, and companies. With the resulting insights, you’ll experience many benefits such as finding the desired salary, understand the competition, and conduct meaningful interviews. If you want retail data, Glassdoor also has a large volume of insightful data points.

Find desired salary

For employers and employees alike, agreeing upon a desirable salary is essential to creating a welcoming and supportive organization. People looking for work must find the best salary for the required time and skills, while employers must offer a fair salary they can afford that also is competitive within the given industry and role.

Scraping Glassdoor salary API for positions that require similar experience, hours, and certifications creates a salary range to work within during the interview process. Once you have this industry average, you can negotiate based on experience. Without discovering this range, you’ll fail to attract quality candidates. Similarly, understanding the base salary is useful when deciding whether or not to seek additional employees given your current budget. If you’re looking for work, it is essential to understand the average salary in order to demonstrate your industry expertise and ensure you are properly compensated for the job.

Discover employee sentiment

The internet is full of user reviews for products and services. These reviews help consumers decide if a product will fit their needs or not based on previous experiences of others. Glassdoor has the same approach towards companies. The Glassdoor review API is full of employee reviews of their experiences. Obviously, these reviews serve as a way for potential employees to better understand the social environment or company culture before committing to a position. Beyond warnings of bad bosses, these reviews are informative when considering what work environment suits you best.

For employers, scraping Glassdoor review API data enables you to understand the experiences of former employees. While many organizations have exit interviews, the honesty and distance that Glassdoor reviews offers great insights into how your company culture is perceived by others. Similarly, you can scrape reviews of competitors in order to attract quality candidates. When you understand how your work culture is different from a competitor, you can present yourself to potential employees better by highlighting how you operate differently from other companies. This is especially important if hiring at higher levels since you are likely competing directly with competitors for talent.

Be prepared for interviews

Creating a useful and enjoyable interview experience is difficult. You want to get a sense of the potential employee while also helping them understand your organization better and what you are searching for. Asking stimulating questions generates better conversations and makes the interviewee feel seen and considered. With Glassdoor’s interview questions API, you can easily scrape tons of potential questions for inspiration and preparation.

For employers, collecting interview questions gives you a starting point to creating better questions. Building off interesting questions or creating new ones specific to the position is the best way for employers to get essential information and create a comfortable environment for the interviewee. If you’re seeking work, using the Glassdoor interviews allows you to prepare well no matter the position. When both employers and potential employees use scraping to prepare for interviews, the conversation will flow better between both parties therefore helping the best candidates rise to the top.

Supplementing Glassdoor API Data

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While the Glassdoor API python has tons of useful data, scraping other sites to collect supplemental data makes your analysis insights more accurate and useful. Here are other sites perfect for scraping.

Online retail

Due to the ubiquity on online retail sites, they are full of tons of price data, review data, and more. If your organization sells products online and is looking for new employees, scraping for retail data on sites like helps you make your industry data more accurate by incorporating product details into the analysis.

If you are looking for a job in retail, scraping the retailers website is a great way to learn more about the products in preparation for the interview and prove you know the brand.

Scraping Robot API

Once all this data is collected, it is time for analysis. A common issue when you’re working with large data sets is combing all the data for analysis. With the Scraping Robot API, you can directly input multiple data sources into your preferred program for analysis. This makes it easy to combine data across job sites for comprehensive analysis. Additionally, you get access to our Scraping Robot team who can help your organization manage proxies, development, and create scraping solutions specific to your data needs. For more information, check out our API page.


 conclusion Glassdoor API

The Glassdoor API is full of salary data, job description data, company review data, and more. A web scraping tool allows you to extract this data easily, quickly, and securely to generate useful insights. Once analyzed, you’ll learn what employees think of your company, the perfect salary range for your industry, and be better prepared for interviews. The Scraping Robot API makes it easy to directly input and combine data sources for analysis. All these benefits create a better search and interview process for employees and employers alike.

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