How to Use an AliExpress Scraper for Scraping AliExpress

Saheed Opeyemi
April 6, 2021

Using a platform like AliExpress, one of the giants of the online retail space, you need absolutely every span of cognitive power you can get to stay ahead of competing shoppers to get deals. And if you run an online store yourself and you need to keep up with updates in new products and prices, you need every available type of speed-reading and speed-typing superpower to make sure you are always up-to-date with the latest changes in product descriptions and prices. Or you could just use an AliExpress scraping API to collect the data you need and feed it directly into your own website for updating.

With the way the world is connected today, nearly everything is automated and now shopping is too. Using an AliExpress API helps you solve nearly every problem you encounter when browsing catalogs as a result of you being human. In other words, you can browse catalogs faster, extract data more smoothly, and even feed the data directly to your analytics tool or website without much manual input and in a very short time.

Sounds like something you’ll be interested in? Then come along as we delve into what an Aliexpress API is, how it works and why you definitely need to invest in one to aid your commute through the virtual walls of the online shopping giant.

What Is an AliExpress API?

What Is an AliExpress API? Sure, you can waste time typing “nail polish” into the search bar of AliExpress and digging through all 600,000 results. Or, rather than losing out on deals and watching the items you crave be purchased by other people, you can utilize an AliExpress API. Before we can talk about using this technology, we must define the technology. Let’s start with how web scraping works.

AliExpress data scraping begins with a web scraper. A web scraper is a digital bot that collects like data and compiles that data into one comprehensive document. You’re in charge of selecting the price points of items, product number, or AliExpress URL you’d like the scraper to search and then the bot goes to work. The AliExpress Scraper gathers the information you requested in the form of URLs. Those URLs are your guide to finding the quickest route to the checkout cart. In short, a data scraper searches through HTML (hypertext markup language). HTML is the universal language of the online world. Since human beings have a more difficult time deciphering this language, the scraper is a fantastic digital translator.

So how do we transition from web scraping to using an API? We don’t. They work together. An API (Application Programming Interface) is an interface that allows disparate pieces of software not specifically designed to work together, to communicate. Essentially what an AliExpress API does is set up communication between a web scraping bot, the AliExpress platform and your own website software. When you set up a scraping request with the scraping bot, the API carries your request to the AliExpress platform, extracts the required data and then feeds it into your own software. All without your input. Let’s take a moment to digest the impact of this technology. What this means is that you can basically update your catalogue, keep up with prices, identify special offers (and apply), explore product descriptions and so much more, at the click of a button. Literally. I wish I knew this two years ago.

Do You Need an Ecommerce Scraper for AliExpress?

Do You Need an Ecommerce Scraper for AliExpress? Cart full. Heart soaring. One question left on the top of your tongue, “Do I need this?” As all seasoned shoppers will tell you, buying is rarely a question of need, but want. Since the answer to this question is clear in your mind, why not follow up the answer with a practical solution. An AliExpress API is a tool to rule them all.

The world of eCommerce is in constant flux. Rather than getting left behind, taking the time to understand and install technology like scrapers and APIs will help you stay informed about any changes made to your favourite online stores. Getting lost in search results or drowning in a feeling of overwhelmed buyer’s remorse can happen to anyone. Learn all you can about scraping technology upfront and save time shopping on the back end. But don’t take it from my lips to your ears, take a look at the ways scraping is changing the shape of online retailers.

As a business owner or employee at a marketing firm, an AliExpress API is an invaluable tool for the constant price analysis of competitors. Beyond helping you extract prices for a one-time analysis, you can set up a continuous process of price extraction with a web scraping API or simply set your parameters to notify you when there is a change in a particular dataset from the last time you extracted. That is how valuable a web scraping API can be for you.

Plus, using an AliExpress API for business purposes makes your job easier. Why not use an API on a regular basis in order to check what other online retailers are marketing and selling? An AliExpress API will also make you more aware of what customers are buying, the issues they’ve run into with particular products, and the products that might sell more if marketed better. Gaining greater insight into what consumers want to buy will keep your business competitive, even in a hyper-competitive online market.

Different Ways to Use an AliExpress Data Scraper

Different Ways to Use an AliExpress Data Scraper With so much information underneath our adorable, sale belt, I want to look deeper into the eyes of the data scraper. They don’t have eyes. At least, not that I know of.

You can use the AliExpress API to extract data on a particular item without a hitch or compare prices of different products in order to score the best deals. You might think an API will cause you to suck your bank account dry, given how easy it makes shopping. The thing is, a digital bot makes you more conscious of the choices you’re making online and keeps you aware of the lowest prices on essential (or non-essential) products. Saving money, staying alert to deals, and shopping smart, that’s enough to make me retire my shark-like ways for good.

In addition to using the AliExpress CSV scraper and API for the reasons mentioned above, you might also consider using them for business practices. Say you’re in marketing, sales, or finance. Your company employs you to keep track of price changes of goods, advertising tactics created by competitors, and reviews made on products you sell. A scraping API can be a fantastic asset in assessing all of these things and more. Keeping an eye on the competition ensures you are competitive in an overactive eCommerce landscape. Give it a few years, online retailers will have just a difficult time staying afloat as brick-and-mortar stores do today. With the help of an AliExpress API, your company will be constantly well aware of all the companies selling on the site and the exact prices of products.

A Quick Note on AliExpress Data Scraping Safety

A Quick Note on AliExpress Data Scraping Safety If this blog inspires you to do further research into the topic of data scrapers, first off, yay, second off, you will find conflicting opinions on the safety of scraping. For the record, online scraping is not illegal, just a grey area for certain websites. You see, with technology, comes people who feel compelled to abuse said technology. Despite our propensity to transform into giant sea creatures while online shopping, we want the technology for positive reasons, not nefarious ones. A word to keep in the back of your head is crawling.

For your purpose, web scraping is more beneficial than crawling. Crawling refers to scraping through Google, Yahoo, and almost any website in order to find information while AliExpress scraping is targeting the respective website. In general, crawling is done on a larger scale. If you do come across this word in your research, take a look at our comprehensive blog on the differences between scraping and crawling.

All of this is not meant to startle you, but rather inform you. You know how much information is out there, what with being an eCommerce fanatic. False information does more harm than not knowing in the first place. Before you jump into scraping, be aware of the rules and regulations surrounding scraping and you’ll stay safe well finding the best deals on your beloved site.

The Best AliExpress Product Scraper AvailableWeb scraper AliExpress

Now we come to it, the biggest purchase of your life. One final sale to rule them all. Your cart has never glowed so bright, your credit card never gleamed with such pride. After so much talk about what an AliExpress API can do, I think you’d find it favourable to look at the very best AliExpress scraper and API available on the market today. That’s right, this blog ends with you honing your skills as the master of online shopping. What a time to be alive. With the simple click of a button, your cart will have all the technology you need to get started with scraping.

At Scraping Robot, we have developed an extremely efficient data collection machine at the most affordable prices. Our data collection machine consists of a web scraping service that can extract data from any website on the internet and a public API that can integrate with any software. Together, these two will help you conquer the world of online shopping. At just $0.0018 per scrape, the cost of scraping is low as can be.

Plus, the moment you get started with us, you get 5,000 free scrapes. That’s 5,000 scrapes closer to the nail polish you can’t live without or the workout pants that fit your body like a glove. Our API integrates with any website and is properly documented for easy use. At the click of a button, you are ready to go. We also make use of multiple proxies from our partner company, Rayobyte, to give you the most speedy scraping experience ever.

Final Thoughts on AliExpress Web Scraping

Final Thoughts on AliExpress Web Scraping Rows of stylish watches. The latest in eyewear. Earrings that make you sparkle. Lipstick that widens your smile. I could go on, but I don’t want you going into shopaholic shock. AliExpress is an online retailer for the masses, one that reaches far and wide. From China to the United States, the mighty website offers deals upon deals. But you’re a smart shopping, coming to us with a lot of experience on hand and a new kind of dilemma in the back of your mind.

How do you utilize your shopping skills for a new kind of project? Or take those shopping skills and tailor them to meet the needs of your job or business? On AliExpress, saving money is an art form. With our help and using our AliExpress API, web scraping will be your paintbrush. Trust Scraping Robot to provide the best in scraping API technology. The benefits of scraping are extensive and we’re here to solve your scraping needs and, let’s be honest, feed your shopping addiction.

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